Springtime Weather Arrives in NYC

This was the scene on the Columbia campus around mid-day yesterday: Yes — it was sunny. And with temperatures in the 60s, it felt almost hot after the last several months of winter. People were wearing shorts. And napping on lawns. And buying treats from a frozen yogurt truck. Yes, springtime weather has arrived. Finally. […]

Why Michael Wolff is Wrong about Columbia Journalism School

I’ve been meaning, for several months, to provide an update on my experiences here at Columbia Journalism School. I didn’t expect that my impetus to write would come today in the form of a Michael Wolff column in USA TODAY. But here goes. Wolff argues that the J-School’s recent appointment of Steve Coll as the […]

The View from Campus: Looking South on Amsterdam

Here’s an iPhone photo I snapped yesterday that I think illustrates the early evening feel around the Columbia campus. I took this at about 6:30 p.m. from a pedestrian overpass that connects the 116th street campus to the Law School, looking south on Amsterdam. The sun had gone down, the temperature was falling, and folks […]