Taiwanese Miliary Independence (or Lack Thereof)

Justin Logan at the Cato Institue argues that Taiwan needs to take a more active role in defending itself from China. From a recent Washington Times op-ed: For the last 4 years, the Bush administration has continually begged Taiwan to purchase a special $18 billion package of weapons designed to help defend against the threat […]

Learning Mandarin in B.A.

I know it’s been Chiwanese (Chinese/Taiwanese) 24/7 in these parts recently, but this was too good to pass up. CS Monitor: “East meets West, with an Argentine twist”: BUENOS AIRES – Like many in Latin America’s most Eurocentric country, 26-year-old Emanuela Gavezza has long fancied the West. Her grandparents hail from northern Italy, which she […]

Peter Hessler’s Forthcoming Book

Peter Hessler, who wrote the exceptional “River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze,” has got a new book coming out in April. It’ll be called “Oracle Bones : A Journey Between China’s Past and Present.” Those’re the only details I’ve got. I may just have to pre-order this one. (Hessler’s author bio in last week’s […]