My Friend Ben Visits Beijing

My buddy Ben P., an ex-roommate from college days, is an American climate scientist who lives in Melbourne. He recently visited Beijing; here’re some snips from his amusing observations: Traffic: Shocking! We found that the 10 km trip from central Beijing out to our hotel could take 1-1.5 hours during rush hour. Drivers appeared to […]

Teaching English in China

The AP’s Audra Ang reports that foreign English teachers in China are increasingly encountering occupational hazards: It’s a new twist on globalization: For decades, Chinese made their way to the West, often illegally, to end up doing dangerous, low-paying jobs in sweatshop conditions. Now some foreigners drawn by China’s growth and hunger for English lessons […]

China to Build Artificial Sun

As I’ve mentioned before, the Chinese think BIG when it comes to engineering. Peep their new project.

African Boots of Beijing

Africans Boots of Beijing is a documentary film about an African soccer team in Beijing. The film was produced, filmed and edited by Luke Mines and Jeremy Goldkorn, long-time residents of Beijing from the USA and South Africa. For ten years Afrika United F.C. has been a force in the amateur soccer leagues of Beijing, […]

China and India: Feet of Clay?

“China and India, still desperately poor. Chinese children in a village pick garbage (above); An Indian child in a slum (below).” Pranab Bardhan, writing in Yale Global Online: The media, particularly the financial press, are all agog over the rise of China and India in the international economy. After a long period of relative stagnation, […]

More on “The Back Dormitory Boys”

Turns out that video I linked to a few days back is only one of many available from China’s own “The Back Dormitory Boys.”

Chorks: Approved for Use in Outer Space

AFP: Talk about a Chinese take-away. Astronauts Fei Junlong and Nie Haisjeng blasted into outer space with a full larder of Chinese specialities including cuttlefish and meat balls, and beef with orange peel. But the pair of orbiting diners will have to do without chopsticks, which were considered too difficult to manoeuvre in the weightlessness […]

Supper Trippy Chinese Space Program Agitprop

Don’t miss this gallery of charming — and bizarre — Chinese space-program posters. (Via BB.)

Building a Nest Egg, 1% at a Time

I had to laugh when I saw an ad on TV last night for American Express’s new credit card: 1% of eveything you charge on your card is put into a savings account with a 3.15% interest rate. There’s a $35 annual fee for the card. Okay, so let’s do the math. You wanna save […]