By Me Yesterday: Google Street View Comes to Bangladesh

It begins: The newest country available on Google Street View: Bangladesh. The tech titan on Thursday unveiled 360-degree panoramic images of streets around the teeming capital, Dhaka, the port city of Chittagong and dozens of other locations in the densely populated country sandwiched between India and Myanmar. Bangladesh, home to some 150 million people, is […]

Video: Rickshaw ride in Dhaka, Bangladesh

More on my recent Bangladesh trip: Here’s a one-minute video (embedded below) that I recorded while riding in a cycle rickshaw in the capital, Dhaka. As you’ll see, the metropolis teems with activity. In the video, you can hear honking horns and people talking. And then, when we come to a stop, you’ll notice some […]

Mobile phones in Bangladesh

Here’s another image from my recent Bangladesh trip that I wanted to share. This photo is part of the “Faces of Bangladesh” photoset I mentioned yesterday, though I didn’t include it in yesterday’s post. Consider this: In 2009, even dock workers in Bangladesh own mobile phones equipped with cameras. I was exploring Sadarghat, Dhaka’s riverfront […]