Bangkok Bombings: Latest Updates and How to Follow the News

A and I returned to Singapore Monday morning after a couple of weeks of traveling. Then that evening came the sad news about the bombings in Bangkok. From our latest WSJ story: Thai police said they were homing in on a suspect seen in security-camera footage of the bomb blast that killed at least 20 […]

3 More Iranians Questioned over Alleged Bangkok Bomb Plot

The AP reports today: Thai investigators questioned three more Iranian citizens Monday for possible links to an alleged bomb plot that was discovered in Bangkok on Valentine’s Day. National Police spokesman Maj. Gen. Piya Uthayo said that two men and one woman were found Sunday during a search of an apartment in the capital that […]

Iranian Bomb Supspects Update: ABC News Has Photos of What Appear to be Explosive Device Hidden in Radio

ABC News has the images and reports: Forensic photographs obtained exclusively by ABC News show an undetonated explosive device that was designed to be a part of a failed bomb plot in Thailand. Three Iranian suspects were arrested last week for their alleged involvement in the plot which fell apart when a similar device apparently […]

AP: “Big questions still unanswered in Thai terror plot”

The AP has a story today summing up the last week’s events: It began when three men blew up their house accidentally on Valentine’s Day in Bangkok. It ended with a gory scene that looked more like Baghdad: a bloodied, would-be bomber with severed legs moaning on a glass-strewn sidewalk after another botched blast. Last […]

More on ‘SEJEAL’ Stickers and Iranian Bombing Suspects

Following up on a Tweet I sent last night: Today’s Bangkok Post — a pic of the front page is above — has more on the “SEJEAL” stickers and the Iranian bombing suspects. The Post says: City police are looking into possible links between last week’s central Bangkok bomb blasts and the posting of a […]

Iranian bomb suspects update: AP says Thai Tourism Min. Suspends Visa on Arrival Plan for Middle Eastern Travelers

The AP ran a story yesterday that said: Unwinding with bar girls at a beach town came first. Building bombs was allegedly for later. The three Iranians detained in Bangkok and accused of plotting to attack Israeli diplomats set priorities during their trip to Thailand. They spent several days at a seaside town in the […]

Bangkok Post: Iranian Bomb Suspects ‘Partied in Pattaya’

Three stories to mention today: 1. Today’s Bangkok Post has this story and photo: PATTAYA : Officials at the Immigration Department’s Chon Buri office yesterday identified a Thai woman in Pattaya who had escorted the Iranian bomb suspects during their stay in the resort town. Her account, and photographs taken with her mobile phone, could […]

Update on Explosions: ‘Police Hunt 5th Bomb Suspect’

The Bangkok Post reports this evening: Police will seek an arrest warrant for a fifth suspect in Tuesday’s bomb explosions in Bangkok based on information from eyewitnesses and security camera footage, deputy police chief Pansiri Prapawat said on Thursday. Pol Gen Pansiri said the fifth suspect was also a man of middle-eastern appearance. The other […]

Bangkok Explosions: Nation, Quoting Police Sources, Says Bombs ‘Were in the Form of Portable Radios’

The Nation today says: According to police sources, two improvised bombs found at the house were in the form of portable radios, stuffed with C-4 explosives. Hand grenades with the safety lever removed were inserted in the radio units to be used as the detonator. Small metal balls were also put in the units intended […]

Bangkok Explosions Update: Photo of Iranian Woman Reportedly Wanted by Police (February 16, 2012)

Today’s Bangkok Post reports: The suspects involved in Tuesday’s multiple bombings in Bangkok were part of the same network of terror involved in bomb incidents in India and Georgia earlier this week, according to Itzhak Shoham, Israeli ambassador to Thailand. While the target of the bombs was not clear, “we can assume from the other […]