Here’s a Completely Gratuitous Photo of Our Dog Ashley

File under: Just because. Here’s a recent photo, supplied by our friend P, of our beloved adopted street dog, Ashley, previously discussed here and here. Ashley turns five in August, so she’s technically a middle-aged pooch. But, as you may be able to tell in this image, she still has a youthful face and many […]

Second anniversary with Ashley, our adopted Bangkok street dog

File under: The adopted soi dog chronicles… I am late in noting this, but August 15 was the second anniversary of our adoption of Ashley, our rescued street dog. As I mentioned in my post last year providing the back story, we got her from the fine folks at SCAD Bangkok. SCAD stands for Soi […]

One year ago today: The story of adopting our Bangkok street dog

One year ago today, we adopted Ashley, a rescued street dog. Just a puppy, she was found in poor condition indeed. But she was rehabilitated by the fine folks at SCAD Bangkok. SCAD stands for Soi Cats and Dogs — soi being the Thai name for alley or small street. There are many thousands of […]