“Girls just want to be mean”

In Margaret Talbot’s (quite long, but very good) New York Times article, she surveys the world of teenage girls’ “relational aggression”–the way they lash out at their peers psychologically. Whereas boys are physically cruel to each other, the thinking goes, girls manipulate and gossip about their enemies. Talbot’s conclusion: “Girls Just Want to Be Mean.”

Keller and Friedel in the EPL

In soccer news, two American goalkeepers playing in the English Premier League are having vastly different seasons. Kasey Keller, traditionally the US number one, can’t break through to the Tottenham Hotspur first team.

Meanwhile, Blackburn Rovers’ Brad Friedel, who normally backs up Keller on the American national team, is starting–and earning enthusiastic praise–for his club squad. If this trend continues, it’ll be interesting to see who starts for the US in the World Cup this summer.

Cobain’s journals for sale?

Courtney Love is shopping Kurt Cobain’s voluminous journals, which are to be published as a book. It sounds like he had some interesting things to say in them.

Where is El Dorado?

A Polish explorer says he knows where knows where El Dorado is, and he’s about to lead an expedition to find it. He claims to have found a 16th-century Jesuit manuscript that details the legendary city of gold’s location.

In other news, President Bush began his trip to Asia with a slip of the tongue.


RoadFood.com offers an entertaining and useful state-by-state directory of greasy spoons.

The leading goal scorers in Europe’s top domestic leagues are listed here, courtesy of Soccernet.com.

“Crazier than thou”

In “Crazier Than Thou,” Thomas Friedman argues that Dubya’s “axis of evil” remark was a wise strategic move.

“Armed to the teeth”

For an interesting take on the American military juggernaut, see “Armed to the Teeth,” in London’s Guardian newspaper.

Web design usability advice

Mitchell Harper provides some good Web design usability advice in “Diary of a Webmaster Part 1–My Site Design Checklist.” I disagree, however, with Harper’s argument that links to other Web sites should open new browser windows.

“Toe Rings, Rave Music and India (Just for Israelis)”

Here’s a fascinating story about a section of India’s west coast where young Israelis vacation. The article’s called “Toe Rings, Rave Music and India (Just for Israelis).”

Getting listed in human-based directories

Here’s an instructive guide to getting Web sites listed in human-based directories like Yahoo and the Open Directory Project.