Self-Promotion: My New WSJ Southeast Asia Real Time Story on NASA Cancelling Thailand Plan

The story is here, and begins: The U.S.’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, says it has cancelled its plan to use Thailand’s Vietnam War-era U-Tapao airbase for an atmospheric research study because Thailand’s government has put off granting its approval. For reference, my earlier story on U-Tapao is here.

Reuters on Yesterday’s Red Shirt Rally

Reuters reports: Thailand’s “red shirts” turned out in force on Sunday to warn the judiciary they will not stand by if a plan to amend the constitution is rejected, a rewrite critics say is aimed at allowing exiled former premier Thaksin Shinawatra to come home. And: According to police estimates, 35,000 red shirts had gathered […]

Self-Promotion: New WSJ Southeast Asia Real Time Story on NASA, Thailand, and the U-Tapao Airbase

The story is here, and begins: Plans for the U.S. government to expand its use of a Thai military airbase have created a stir in Thailand, with domestic politics likely playing a significant role in the controversy, according to a Thailand security expert.

Red Shirt 112 Sticker Evokes Pizza Company Logo

Related to my last post… @Anasuya found this notable sticker today at a Red Shirt event here in Bangkok. Yes, it refers to lèse-majesté — Article 112 of the Thai criminal code — and is modeled on…the Pizza Company logo. Pizza Company restaurants are popular and widespread here in Thailand, and their advertisements often include […]

Reuters on Chamlong and Thailand’s Yellow Shirts

Reuters reported yesterday: The elderly man dressed in homespun cotton looks like a kind-hearted grandfather from a rural Thai soap opera. But it would be unwise to underestimate Chamlong Srimuang, a key figure in Thailand’s turbulent recent history, or the “yellow shirt” army he commands. “We have successfully overthrown three prime ministers, which proves our […]

Two Pieces on The State of Thailand’s Amnesty Bills

Bloomberg today reports on the political situation here in Thailand: Thailand’s ruling party warned democracy is under threat as its highest court moves to stop lawmakers from changing the constitution in a country that has suffered 18 coup attempts in the past eight decades. The Constitutional Court has no right to prevent Parliament from voting […]

Yellow Shirts Protest Update: Next Week’s Bill Deliberation Cancelled

A quick follow-up post on yesterday’s Yellow Shirt protests over the bill that could lead to Thaksin’s return… Many people here in Thailand, as well as Thailand-watchers abroad, may well be thinking: Here we go again. The WSJ reported yesterday: Around 2,000 followers of the so-called Yellow Shirt movement swarmed around the Parliament building, preventing […]

Yellow Shirts Protest at Thai Parliament

Just briefly, an update on the Thai parliament and the controversial reconciliation bills: A vote was due to take place today, but the Parliament building was blocked this morning — and apparently continues to be blocked — by members of the PAD (yellow shirts) and the so-called multi-colored group. The demonstrators’ intention is to stop […]

Self-Promotion: New WSJ Southeast Asia Real Time Story on Scuffle in Thai Parliament

The story is here, and begins: Thailand boosters may have hoped the World Economic Forum on East Asia now under way in Bangkok would be a chance for the country to put its best face forward after years of political unrest and last year’s devastating floods. Instead, visitors on Thursday awoke to news of a […]