Red shirts accept Nov. elections, but continue to protest

Red shirt leaders have said they accept, in principle, Prime Minister Abhisit’s proposal for new elections in November. This would be 13 months before Abhisit was originally due to face new polls. But there are a few sticking points. First, as political analysts have pointed out, both sides want to be in control of the […]

Bangkok’s red shirt protests on Google Maps

Here’s a Google Map of red shirt protest sites. The map (embedded below) also includes the locations of various clashes and blasts that have occurred here in Bangkok over the past weeks. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the points or the descriptions of the various incidents, but the map is helpful in gauging […]

Red shirt protests update: a few images from around town

The latest here in Thailand is the ongoing fallout from the red shirts’ invasion of a hospital on Thurs. night. Here’s a story from the BBC that explains what happened. Meanwhile, below are a few miscellaneous images I’ve snapped over the last few days. There have been various troops stationed in Bangkok’s Asoke area (in […]

Clashes between red shirts and troops today

Thailand violence flares as red-shirts and troops clash [BBC, April 28, 2010 — includes video footage] Thai troops and a convoy of hundreds of red-shirt protesters have clashed on the outskirts of Bangkok. One soldier has died, reportedly from a shot fired by a member of the security forces, and at least 10 people have […]

Red shirt protest updates

Here’s the latest news: Thais Worry About Lasting Violence [WSJ] Thailand’s yellows urge action against red-shirts [BBC News] Thai rallies ditch red shirts in case of crackdown [AP] And for those of you wondering whether or not it’s safe to visit Thailand, I suggest checking out Staying Safe in Thailand: Streetwise Advice + Twitter, a […]

Red shirts and pro-government demonstrators in Silom

Red shirt protesters, supporters of the government, and army troops have converged on an intersection in Silom, at the mouth of Bangkok’s financial district. No violence has taken place, though when I was there, earlier this evening, there was some tension in the air. The red shirts were dancing to loud rock music, while the […]