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Thaksin as globetrotting trade envoy?

That’s what the Bangkok Post says today, quoting a Pheu Thai source:

The Pheu Thai Party is expected to appoint exiled former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra as a government trade envoy to promote Thai exports abroad, which will enable him to freely travel the world.

But Noppadon Patama, Thaksin’s lawyer, tells the WSJ that:

“Mr. Thaksin has never thought about taking on any official role, and Ms. Yingluck has no intention of appointing him.”

Thai politics

Anti-Yingluck demonstrations to begin next week?

Today’s WSJ says:

A group of die-hard anti-Thaksin activists is stepping up its campaign for authorities to charge Thailand’s new leader with perjury in a sign that tensions could resurface in one of Southeast Asia’s most volatile nations despite last weekend’s decisive election.


Dr. Tul said in a telephone interview that his group, the Network of Citizen Volunteers Protecting the Land, will begin protesting at the headquarters of Thailand’s National Anti-Corruption Commission on July 12.

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My new GlobalPost story: What comes next for Thailand?

You can read it here.

Thai politics

More on the Thailand election

2011 07 05 elex

Assorted Thailand election-related links:

The New York Times notes the army’s reaction to the Pheu Thai victory:

Thailand’s politically powerful military offered a reassurance Monday that it would not challenge the election of a party controlled by the fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, whom it deposed in a coup five years ago.

The Bangkok Post, in an editorial on Yingluck and the new government’s priorities, says:

On the campaign trail she always had two subjects at hand. The economy and national reconciliation are doubtless the most important topics for the nation, and the soon-to-be prime minister Yingluck will have to take decisive measures on both.

The official MCOT news agency has the details on what will be Pheu Thai’s coalition:

The five parties to form the new government are Pheu Thai, the Chartthaipattana party, Chart Pattana Puea Pandin, Palang Chon and Mahachon with 299 seats in total, Ms Yingluck, who is set to become Thailand’s first female prime minister, told a press conference at the SC Park Hotel.

The Bangkok Post says that according to a source, Pheu Thai:

…will use its numbers in the House of Representatives to ensure smooth passage of legislation to grant amnesty for Thaksin’s 2008 corruption conviction, which would enable him to come home

Would that lead to trouble?

And finally, has some scans of Thai newspaper headlines featuring the election result.

Image: Bangkok Post.

Thai politics

Yingluck: top story on Drudge Report

A screen grab of what is currently the top story on Drudge Report:

2011 07 04 drudge

The Reuters story Drudge links to begins:

After six prime ministers in six years of sometimes bloody political upheaval, Thais might be excused for shrugging their shoulders about voting in number seven.

But this time there’s one big difference. The new prime minister will be a woman, the first to hold the position in Thailand.

(Via @TheThaiReport.)