Bangkok: the events of May 19

Yesterday, May 19, army troops stormed the red shirt camp, breaking up anti-government demonstrations that had lasted for more than two months here in Bangkok. Soldiers first destroyed the red shirt barricades in Silom ((See this post for images of the aftermath of earlier violence in Silom.)) with armored personnel carriers. Then the troops pressed […]

Red shirt protests: images from this evening

The latest news on the red shirt protests here in Bangkok is this: The army continues to enforce its blockade of the protest zone at Rajaprasong, in the center of the city. And demonstrators continue to attack the soldiers’ positions. Here’s a recent AP story on failed talks between red leaders and the government. I […]

Map of Bangkok clashes as of Sat., May 15

Here’s a map that the Bangkok Post is running today. I couldn’t find this on their Web site, so I scanned it in. It shows where the major violence took place yesterday. Click the image for a bigger version. Also, as a reminder, here’s the Google Map of protest sites, and here’s another map of […]

Rogue army general Seh Daeng shot

Khattiya Sawasdipol — the rogue army general and red shirt leader better known as “Seh Daeng” — was shot in the head here in Bangkok last night. It’s unclear who is responsible for the shooting. He is in the hospital and is in critical condition. Seh Daeng, whose nickname means “Commander Red,” is sympathetic to […]

Images from red shirt demonstrations at Rajaprasong last week (and the latest news)

Below are some images of the red shirt demonstrations that I snapped on Friday, May 7. I haven’t had a chance to post these photos until now, but I thought they’d be helpful in providing a sense of how things looked at the red shirts’ protest site as of several days ago. But first, the […]

Red shirt protests and web censorship in Thailand

The AP ran an important story yesterday about an issue that hasn’t received as much international attention as I would have thought: ongoing web censorship in Thailand. Give it a read. For more, there’s this May 7 Bangkok Post story. And here’s a GlobalVoices post from April 29 with more details. also has some […]

Red shirts and Thai government: still at an impasse

Red Shirt leaders say they won’t leave the Rajaprasong protest site ((Again, Bangkok protest site maps are here and here. And my photos from Rajaprasong and elsewhere are here (May 1), here (April 6), and here (April 4).)) until an exact date for potential new elections is set. Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva earlier proposed Nov. […]