Reminder: Twitter list of Thailand journalists and commentators

Just a quick note, in these times of ongoing Thailand-Cambodia clashes, that I maintain a public Twitter list of Thailand journalists and commentators. There are currently 40 members. You’ll find print and TV reporters, both foreign and Thai, as well as various writers, bloggers, and other observers here. The list is, I hope, a helpful […]

Prachatai’s Chiranuch Premchaiporn arrested

A quick note to point out that Chiranuch Premchaiporn, director of the independent Thai news site Prachatai, was arrested Friday and held for several hours for allegedly running afoul of Thailand’s Computer Crime Act and committing lese majeste, or insulting the royal family. The charges reportedly stem from a 2009 complaint that offensive comments — […]

Thailand’s 3G saga (cross-posted to Siam Voices)

Note: This is cross-posted to Siam Voices, a new group-run Thailand blog at Asian Correspondent. Arguments over stipulations in the Thai constitution. Court rulings. Frustrated investors. Beguiled local people. Sound familiar? No, this isn’t the Map Ta Phut industrial estate case. It’s a different snafu entirely — but one with certain similarities. This high-tech imbroglio […]

WSJ on mobile banking in Cambodia

From today’s WSJ: Mobile Service Targets Cambodia’s ‘Unbanked’: How do you roll out a banking service in a place where most people don’t have bank accounts? Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. tackled that question in developing WING, a banking and payment system it launched in Cambodia early last year.

Economist: Mobile phones in South-East Asia: Talk is cheap

Economist: Mobile phones in South-East Asia: Talk is cheap Take a taxi in Bangkok and the driver’s mobile phone is sure to chirp. A long conversation ensues, usually by speakerphone, since few cabbies bother with headsets. It is not just that cabbies are chatty; it is also that talk is cheap. Once reserved for the […]

WSJ: “Thai Groups Denounce Web Censorship”

Today’s WSJ: Thai Groups Denounce Web Censorship: BANGKOK–Criticism over Thailand’s efforts to curb political debate online is mounting as the government restricts thousands of websites following deadly protest clashes earlier this year. Thai authorities say they have blocked at least 40,000 Web pages this year, according to the government’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, […]