Thailand protests update: a few links to share

A quick follow-up to my post Tuesday about anti-amnesty demonstrations morphing into an effort to topple Yingluck.

Here’s what’s up:

1. The general strike fizzled, as the AP reports.

2. Have we reached a stalemate? The the big picture, again from the AP: Thaksin isn’t returning to Thailand anytime soon. Yingluck and the ruling Pheu Thai party over-reached in pushing the amnesty bill. But Yingluck and the Thaksin-linked party still have an electoral mandate.

3. For a look at the protests’ economic impact, here’s a Wall Street Journal Q&A with Paiboon Nalinthrangkurn, chair of the Federation of Thai Capital Market Organization.

4. Protests, though smaller now, continue.

Tweets of the day…

…just now from China’s official Xinhua news agency:

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‘Warning: Trains Arrive on Time’

An entertaining headline and story from The Bangkok Post today:

Rail passengers in Phitsanulok are being warned that trains stopping there will be more punctual during the 45-day track maintenance period for the far northern railway, and should ensure they arrive at the station on time so they don’t miss their train.

Saksing Wongsanguansodsri, chief ticket officer at Phitsanulok station, said trains will no longer be up to two hours late, as in the past, because the south-bound service would now leave from Sila-art station in Uttaradit, which is only about 100km away, and not Chiang Mai, which is 362km distant.

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