Merry Christmas from New Delhi

I hope your holiday was full of food, friends, family, and festivities. Ginger got a candy cane dog toy, which, because she is a #PowerChewer, lasted all of ten minutes!

One Year with our Adopted New Delhi Street Dog, Ginger

November 4th marked one year since we adopted Ginger. If you missed my post from March, here’s the backstory and some pics of her as a puppy. This was the day we got her: To recap: She is a New Delhi street dog and displays many of the characteristics of desidogs (also known as Indogs […]

A Psychedelic Temple for the Ages

I’m not quite sure how I missed this story by Drew Zeiba in The Architect’s Newspaper in June. It begins: Tucked away on a tree-studded, 40-acre plot just a quarter mile from the Hudson River, one of New York’s most unusual construction projects is underway. The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM)—a transdenominational church and registered […]

Animal Crackers, Redesigned for 2018

File under: Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes…(Turn and face the strange). The lede of this New York Times story by Matthew Haag: After 116 years of captivity, animal crackers have been freed from their cages. It was a symbolic victory for animal rights activists, notably People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which had argued that the immediately recognizable […]

Introducing our Desi Dog, Ginger

TLDR: Say hello to the newest member of our family: the beautiful Ginger! The backstory: Last year, about six months after our beloved dog Ashley died, we found ourselves really missing having a pooch in our lives. But we weren’t quite ready to adopt a new one. ICUC Anasuya started asking around about organizations here […]

Book Notes: ‘Sapiens,’ by Yuval Noah Harari

From time to time I share notes about the books I’ve been reading, or have revisited recently after many years. These posts are meant to help me remember what I’ve learned, and to point out titles I think are worth consulting. For previous postings, see my Book Notes category. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind […]

Warren Buffett’s System for Sharpening Your Career Focus

James Clear shares an interesting anecdote, reportedly based on advice legendary investor Warren Buffet (pictured above) gave to his personal pilot, Mike Flint. If you don’t want to click through, here’s the TLDR for how the Oracle of Omaha said to focus on what’s most important in your work: List your top 25 career goals […]

Ashley, 2008-2017

This is a post I hoped I would never have to write. Long-time readers will remember Ashley, our beloved Bangkok street dog, whom we adopted in 2009. About two weeks ago, on March 7, Ashley died after a brief illness. Above is a photo from the day we adopted her from an organization that rescued […]

Video: New Delhi Street Dogs are Totally Unflappable 

​​I often pass this group of street dogs near our office building in Connaught Place.  These mutts are totally unflappable.  Honking cars, pedestrians weaving between them, bicycles, horses, you name it.  They could care less.  They just keep dozing, sunning themselves as New Delhi buzzes all around them.  A level of zen I can only […]

The difference between saying something and actually doing it 

About a quarter of the time I take Ubers here in Delhi the driver asks me, when I get out, to give him a five-star rating. (Drivers must maintain a certain rating to ensure they can continue working on the platform.) Usually I just nod my head and say “yeah okay,” and proceed to give […]