Self-Promotion: New WSJ Southeast Asia Real Time Story on Google Street View’s Thailand Debut

The story is here, and begins: Google Inc. today officially unveiled its new Street View service for Thailand, releasing online a vast collection of panoramic street-level images of the country. That means that anyone with a Web connection can now view high resolution photos of everything from Bangkok street food stalls to the ornate spires […]

BBC Story on Bangkok’s Tweeting Motorcycle Taxi Driver

The BBC has a video report today on Dejchat Phuangket, a Bangkok motorcycle taxi driver who has become renowned for his blogging and Tweeting: His mode of transport is one of Bangkok’s most basic – the motorbike. But it is Dejchat Phuangket’s command of cutting edge technology that has turned him into Thailand’s most famous […]

Self-Promotion: New WSJ Southeast Asia Real Time Story on Thai Cheerleaders Documentary

My newest story for the Wall Street Journal‘s Southeast Asia Real Time blog is called Thai Cheerleaders Documentary Draws Applause. It begins: A new documentary about the surprising international success of a Thai cheerleading squad is attracting attention in the Southeast Asian nation and abroad. Please give it a read and share it online. (Image: […]

Self promotion: New WSJ Piece on a Unique Villa in Cambodia

Just briefly: I neglected to mention that a Wall Street Journal “House of the Day” feature I wrote about a unique villa in Cambodia ran last month. It’s called “Over the Water, on a Private Island in Cambodia.” Give it a look. On a related note, I noticed that the Phuket sea-side villa I wrote […]

Self promotion: New WSJ Southeast Asia Real Time Story on Thailand Tourism and the Floods

I have a new story today at the WSJ‘s Southeast Asia Real Time blog. It’s called “Despite Floods, Thailand Poised for Tourism Record,” and begins: Thailand’s vital tourism industry has suffered terribly from the massive floods that continue to drain slowly from Bangkok’s suburbs. Remarkably, however, the country is poised to set a record for […]

My GlobalPost story on Chuvit’s anti-corruption crusade

Just briefly: Here’s a story I did for GlobalPost about Chuvit Kamolvisit, whose campaign posters are surely familiar to Bangkok residents. In an interview, the former “King of Commercial Sex” discussed not just his fight against corruption, but he also touched on Abhisit, Thaksin, Yingluck, and more.

BBC: “New finding on cameraman’s death during Thai protests”

The BBC has this story today: New finding on cameraman’s death during Thai protests Investigators in Thailand have reversed an earlier finding into the killing of a Reuters cameraman during red-shirt anti government protests last April. Officials from the Department of Special Investigations (DSI) now say Hiro Muramoto was shot by an AK47, a gun […]