My Top 10 Southeast Asia Travel Tips

tl;dr: Don’t rush For longer trips, use Bangkok as a Base Next, Look Beyond Thailand to Cambodia, Laos, and Especially Vietnam More Destinations: Myanmar and Borneo Eat Liberally Disconnect If You Must, SIM Cards are Wi-Fi Widely Available Don’t Overpack, But Bring the Right Stuff Ask Friends of Friends for Advice Do Your Own Research […]

How to Send a Paperless Post Greeting Card *Later*

TLDR: enter the name and email address and click the “add recipient” button. Then the option to send the card later will appear below. I recently sent an online greeting card via Paperless Post. For such a popular service, I was surprised to find myself temporarily confounded by part of the process. After configuring the […]

The 10 Must-Have Apps I Install on Every New Mac

Following my recent post about what’s on my iPhone home screen at the beginning of 2016, I decided to do the same for my must-have Mac apps. I consider these apps requirements when setting up any new machine — essentially, I feel that I need them to use the computer effectively. Hopefully this will give others who are looking […]

Two and a Half Days in Istanbul: How to Have an Amazing Time

A and I recently spent two and a half fantastic days in Istanbul. We were flying to New York from Hong Kong on Turkish Airlines, and simply arranged to have a very long layover in the city. It was a scandalously short amount of time to spend there, of course, but we had a lot […]

Scott Adams’s Life Advice in 28 Words — and More Wisdom from the Creator of Dilbert

Think of your life as a system. Think of yourself as the most important part of the system. Be useful. And make yourself more valuable as you go. The quote above comes from Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip Dilbert, during his recent appearance on Tim Ferriss’s podcast*. Very much worth listening to. Here’s […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Taking Selfies But Were Afraid to Ask

Aanand Prasad, pictured above, has written an amusing — and exhaustive — guide to taking selfies: Do you ever hate how you look in photos taken by other people? That’s because other people have no clue how to make you look good. But you can very easily learn how. Selfies have been a positive force […]

Bangkok Bombings: Latest Updates and How to Follow the News

A and I returned to Singapore Monday morning after a couple of weeks of traveling. Then that evening came the sad news about the bombings in Bangkok. From our latest WSJ story: Thai police said they were homing in on a suspect seen in security-camera footage of the bomb blast that killed at least 20 […]

How to Spell My Name, According to Starbucks Baristas Across Southeast Asia

I love coffee. I have a weird name. And I live in Singapore and travel regularly in Southeast Asia. That’s a recipe for some serious Starbucks barista mixups! Herewith, a collection of misspellings of my name from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and more locations over the last year. This one’s from Kuala Lumpur. Can’t remember […]

I’m in the Philippines Helping Cover Typhoon Hagupit/Ruby — Here’s How to Follow My Dispatches

I arrived in Manila early this morning; the weather has remained calm here. Here’s our latest story, just up: Typhoon Hagupit made landfall late Saturday, with its eye passing over the town of Dolores in the coastal area of Eastern Samar, a central Philippine province that has yet to fully recover from the devastation wrought […]