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I’m Newley Purnell, a Wall Street Journal reporter covering tech in India. I’m based in New Delhi.

This WSJ.com page contains links to some of my recent stories. And my Journalism page here on Newley.com has links to some of my work from before I joined the Journal.

I am married to the amazing Anasuya Sanyal. We are owned by have an adorable dog named Ashley.

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About this site

  • I registered Newley.com in 1999, began posting material on the site in 2001, and have been blogging consistently since January 2002.
  • Over the years, Newley.com has been mentioned in popular blogs like BoingBoing and Kottke.org, as well as in Lonely Planet, in print and online. Here are some of my most popular posts.


  • In blog posts I published through the end of 2013, I occasionally linked to books or other items on Amazon.com using a personal affiliate link. This meant if you clicked through and bought the item, I received a small referral fee. I no longer use such links.

Posting schedule

  • I post whenever time allows, and often share links via my Twitter feed.


  • This blog contains my personal thoughts. My postings do not represent the views of my employers or any other groups. Also, a formatting note: Unless otherwise stated, bold font added to quoted material in my posts indicates my emphasis, not the author’s.

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  • Newley.com runs on the WordPress content management system.
  • My Web host is DreamHost.
  • I use the Mac-only MarsEdit desktop blog editor.

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  • I welcome feedback via comments on individual posts and via email. I delete comments that I think don’t add anything constructive to the site.

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