💯 Newley’s Notes 100: Grab, Mobike Scoops; teleporting photons; gorgeous goats

Edition 100 — yes, 100! — of my email newsletter, Newley’s Notes, went out last week. To subscribe, simply enter your email address at this link. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s brief, and few people unsubscribe. Hi, friends. Welcome to the latest issue of Newley’s Notes, a newsletter in which I share my Wall Street […]

New: Get iOS Alerts for My WSJ Stories

Last week we launched a new version of The Wall Street Journal iOS app. (If you don’t have it yet, just update it in the App Store from your device.) One of the cool new features: the ability to receive alerts for new stories from specific reporters (ahem, like me, or any of my colleagues!). […]

International Students Avoid Red States

That’s the gist of a story I wrote with my colleague Doug Belkin in Chicago. It begins: International students accepted to U.S. schools are planning to enroll at a similar rate as last year in most areas except the southern part of the country, especially Texas, according to data from 165 U.S. colleges and universities. […]

Our Facebook Live Video On Apple and India

Last week my colleague Eric Bellman and I conducted a live Facebook chat on Apple’s big gamble on India. The video is embedded above and on The WSJ Facebook page here. Eric and I discuss India’s promise as the second biggest smartphone market after China (hundreds of millions of people are getting online for the […]