Newley’s Notes 92: Gig Economy; New ‘Bladerunner’ Trailer; Dinner with Mark

2017 05 13water

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Hi, I’m Newley Purnell – welcome to the latest issue of Newley’s Notes, where I share my Wall Street Journal stories, posts from by blog, and various links about technology, business and life.

📝 What I Wrote in The WSJ

📲 5 Must-Reads in Tech

1. Is the “sharing economy” good for America? In a piece that was much-Tweeted this week, The New Yorker’s Nathan Heller examines services like Uber, TaskRabbit and Airbnb. The nut graf:

The American workplace is both a seat of national identity and a site of chronic upheaval and shame. The industry that drove America’s rise in the nineteenth century was often inhumane. The twentieth-century corrective—a corporate workplace of rules, hierarchies, collective bargaining, triplicate forms—brought its own unfairnesses. Gigging reflects the endlessly personalizable values of our own era, but its social effects, untried by time, remain uncertain.

2. Clayton Christensen, profiled. Also in The New Yorker, Larissa MacFarquhar looks at the effect that the man who coined the term “disruptive technologies” has had on American business. (My notes from his seminal book “The Innovator’s Dilemma” are here.)

3. There’s a new trailer for “Bladerunner 2049.” I am stoked. So stoked. You can watch it here. Vox has some analysis. And here’s a shot-by-shot comparison showing just how much the firm appears to respect the 1982 original.

4. On having Mark Zuckerberg over for dinner. Daniel Moore, of Newtown Falls, Ohio, had Zuck over for dinner when the Facebook founder was touring the state. He talks about the experience in this Business Insider story.

5. Frightening: Russian website aggregates web-linked security camera footage. CBC news found some even showing medical clinics and the interiors of homes.

💫 1 Fun Thing

1. “history of the entire world, i guess.” That’s the title of this very amusing video that explains everything from the birth of this universe to artificial intelligence.

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