Indian Newspapers: So Punny

Newspapers here in India are serious about their puns and wordplay. Here, a sampling taken just from front pages yesterday!

Snapshot from Delhi: Enterprising Street Dog

Spotted recently in Connaught Place, downtown Delhi: an opportunistic street dog drinking pooled water, after a rainstorm, from atop a parked car.  He looked at me as if to say, what’s so strange about this, and why the hell are you taking my picture? 

The Capybaras are Coming. Be Very Afraid

ScienceNews: Capybaras, giant rodents native to South America, could become Florida’s next big invasive species, a biologist warned August 3 in Columbia, Mo., at the 53rd Annual Conference of the Animal Behavior Society. “Capybaras have been introduced to northern Florida,” said Elizabeth Congdon of Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Fla. And there are enough similarities […]

How to Achieve Musical Success, According to a Map from 1913

Atlas Obscura: When it comes to finding success, practice does really make perfect. That’s the message behind this 1913 allegorical map entitled “The Road to Success,” a drawing that turns the figurative journey towards artistic triumph into a cartographic depiction of an actual climb towards victory. The map appeared first in an October 1913 edition […]

In This Week’s Newley’s Notes: India’s Hike; Alibaba’s Expansion; Ugly McMansions, Gorgeous Goats

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More on this in future posts, but…A and I moved to India! I’m penning this post from New Delhi, our new home after two and a half years in Singapore. Above is a Tweet I posted sharing the news. Below is the Newley Notes missive in which I explain a bit more. I’m very excited […]