Two and a Half Days in Istanbul: How to Have an Amazing Time

A and I recently spent two and a half fantastic days in Istanbul. We were flying to New York from Hong Kong on Turkish Airlines, and simply arranged to have a very long layover in the city. It was a scandalously short amount of time to spend there, of course, but we had a lot […]

By Me Recently: E-Commerce Logistics in India, Outsourcing, Cyber-Security and More

In Friday’s Wall Street Journal and online here is a story I’m especially proud of. My colleagues and I followed — literally — a sari across India, illustrating the logistical challenge e-commerce startups in the country face. The story begins: MADURAI, India—The future of India’s booming e-commerce market is in the hands of small-time customers […]

Derek Sivers: ‘Relax for the Same Result’

I like this anecdote from Derek Sivers* about effort, stress, and the importance of relaxation while working: A few years ago, I lived in Santa Monica, California, right on the beach. There’s a great bike path that goes along the ocean for 7½ miles. So, 15 miles round trip. On weekday afternoons, it’s almost empty. […]

Not Sure What to Read in the ‘New Yorker’? Subscribe to this Email Newsletter

An email newsletter* I recently discovered and am loving: “The New Yorker Minute.” It’s a weekly rundown of the gems in each issue — and a guide to what you can skip. Each Wednesday, subscribers receive a summary of material in the week’s issue, broken down into sections like “read this,” “window-shop these,” and “skip […]

Mesmerizing Vine: Levandowski Scores 5 Goals in 9 Min.

I’m, like, nearly a fortnight late in pointing this out, but still: It’s incredible. You may have seen the news that Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski recently scored five times in nine minutes against Wolfsburg. This link shows all of the goals in the run of play. I also found, embedded above and online here, a […]

By Me and a Colleague: Facebook’s Iniative Faces Pushback

The story, which ran last week online and on the front page of The WSJ‘s global edition, begins: When Muhammad Maiyagy Gery heard about a new mobile app from Facebook Inc. that provides free Internet access in his native Indonesia, he was excited. But after testing it, the 24-year-old student from a mining town on […]