Scott Adams’s Life Advice in 28 Words — and More Wisdom from the Creator of Dilbert

Think of your life as a system. Think of yourself as the most important part of the system. Be useful. And make yourself more valuable as you go. The quote above comes from Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip Dilbert, during his recent appearance on Tim Ferriss’s podcast*. Very much worth listening to. Here’s […]

Vine of the Day: ‘Puppy caught eating paper decides killing witness is the only way out’

Embedded above and on Vine here.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Taking Selfies But Were Afraid to Ask

Aanand Prasad, pictured above, has written an amusing — and exhaustive — guide to taking selfies: Do you ever hate how you look in photos taken by other people? That’s because other people have no clue how to make you look good. But you can very easily learn how. Selfies have been a positive force […]