Song of the Day: Brandi Carlile’s “Wherever Is Your Heart”

Embedded above and on YouTube here: Brandi Carlile’s “Wherever Is Your Heart.” Here’s more about Carlile. The song is from her album released earlier this year called “The Firewatcher’s Daughter.“

Video: Italians Try to Pronounce Wojciech Szczesny’s Name

With the recent signing of goalkeeper Petr Cech — see my previous post and bold prediction — it looks like Arsenal’s Wojciech Szczesny is heading to AS Roma on loan. Romans come to terms with pronouncing Szczesny. Top voxpopping — James Horncastle (@JamesHorncastle) July 25, 2015 This tweet from football writer James Horncastle alerted […]

The 10* Most Beautiful Movies Ever Filmed

Embedded above and on YouTube here: “Top 10 Most Beautiful Movies of All Time,” by CineFix. Interesting roundup. I will admit to not having seen number one. Will have to change that. *Though many more than ten are featured. (Via Kottke.)

Economist Special Report on Singapore: Complacency Could be Biggest Threat

This week’s Economist has a special report on Singapore. From the intro, called “The Singapore exception”: Singapore is, to use a word its leaders favour, an “exceptional” place: the world’s only fully functioning city-state; a truly global hub for commerce, finance, shipping and travel; and the only one among the world’s richest countries never to […]

Ann Friedman’s Visual Guide to Dealing with Criticism

Journalist Ann Friedman created this excellent graphic, which she calls the “Disapproval Matrix.” It helps determine how you should deal with criticism based on who’s giving it. As she writes: The general rule of thumb? When you receive negative feedback that falls into one of the top two quadrants—from experts or people who care about […]

By Me: Commercial Drone Startups Are Taking Off Here in Asia

The story begins: Half a dozen men gathered around a workbench in a government building one morning as Tack Wai Wong, an engineering expert clad in a crisp white shirt and gray trousers, took his place at the front of the table. “Once upon a time all of this was military technology,” said Mr. Wong, […]

142 Photos from the ‘Blade Runner’ Model Shop

Open Culture: Blade Runner, you see, represents perhaps the high water mark of the now seemingly lost art of miniature-based practical visual effects. Most everything in its slickly futuristic yet worn and often makeshift Los Angeles actually existed in reality, because, in that time before realistic CGI, everything had to take the form of a […]

It’s Coming Down

Following my recent posts on the Confederate flag in South Carolina: It’s officially coming down. Gov. Nikki Haley has signed a law to remove it after the state House and Senate approved the bill. Our story: The Confederate flag is scheduled to come down Friday morning after more than half a century on the state […]

Apple Music’s Beats 1 isn’t Just Radio on the Web

Dawn Chmielewski, writing over at ReCode: Zane Lowe’s debut on Apple’s Beats 1 radio reminded me of what has been missing from my iTunes music collection: Personality. The former BBC Radio 1 DJ played to my anticipation, spending a long radio minute talking about how he selected the first song to be played on Beats […]

Exclusive by Me and a Colleague Yesterday: GrabTaxi Raises New Funds

The story begins: More cash is pouring into the increasingly competitive ride-hailing business in Asia, fueling local competitors to global market leader Uber Technologies Inc. Southeast Asia-focused ride-hailing app GrabTaxi is getting an infusion of over $200 million in fresh capital in its latest fundraising round led by U.S. hedge fund Coatue Management LLC, according […]