Gone Fishin’

I won’t be posting anything here until after the new year, though I may be Tweeting sporadically in the meantime. Happy holidays! (Image via.)

The 20 Best ‘Best of 2014’ Lists

Best Books of 2014 — WSJ The books Quartz read in 2014 — Quartz The best books of 2014 — The Economist 10 best nonfiction books of 2014 — Stephen Carter at Bloomberg View The 10 Best Books of 2014 — NYT The Best Books of 2014 — Amazon The Best Book Covers of 2014 […]

Aunt Cece and Her Pecan Pie Make Their WSJ Debut

Longtime Newley.com readers will recall that I have blogged, in past years, about my Aunt Cece’s pecan pie. I absolutely love it. And I make a point to bake one every Thanksgiving. I’m happy to say that her fantastic dish figures in this story I wrote for WSJ Expat about connections that folks who live […]

Top 233 Viral Videos of 2014 — in Under 7 Minutes

Embedded above and on YouTube here: “Best of Web 7 – HD – Zapatou,” by Luc Bergeron. (Via MWT.)

By Me Today: Uber’s Controversial ‘Surge Pricing’ in Sydney

Earlier today, I wrote: Uber acted quickly Monday in an attempt to tamp down the latest controversy to hit the company, saying it is offering passengers free rides amid an unfolding siege at a Sydney café after complaints that rates had soared to exorbitant levels. The reversal came just a short time after the ride-sharing […]

Vine of the Day: ‘Best Wezer cover ever’

Embedded above and on Vine here: “Best Weezer cover ever.” There’s a longer version on YouTube, as well. But I prefer the simplicy of the Vine. (Backstory: Apparently this wonderful bit of music recital silliness isn’t new, but it’s new to me.)

John Cassidy on the Business of Journalism: VC Funding and Online Subscriptions Show Promise

The New Yorker’s John Cassidy, who writes about economics and politics, on the current state of the business of journalism: While many journalists have lost faith in the future of their trade, venture capitalists are taking the opposite view. Far from giving up on journalism, they are providing big chunks of funding to online news […]

Back from the Philippines — Here are Some Pics as Part of Manila Prepared for Typhoon Hagupit

I’m back in Singapore after my trip to the Philippines. Thankfully, typhoon Hagupit turned out to be less severe than many feared: The people of southern Luzon expressed relief Sunday night as Typhoon Hagupit, which they had feared might be a repeat of last year’s deadly supertyphoon, largely spared their region. Just two days earlier, […]

I’m in the Philippines Helping Cover Typhoon Hagupit/Ruby — Here’s How to Follow My Dispatches

I arrived in Manila early this morning; the weather has remained calm here. Here’s our latest story, just up: Typhoon Hagupit made landfall late Saturday, with its eye passing over the town of Dolores in the coastal area of Eastern Samar, a central Philippine province that has yet to fully recover from the devastation wrought […]