1. Landfill excavation unearths years of crushed Atari treasure — Ars Technica
  2. Eating Alone by Design: An Entire Restaurant With Tables for One — BloombergBusinessweek
  3. Dronies! — Kottke.org
  4. In Deep: The dark and dangerous world of extreme caversThe New Yorker
  5. Why We’re in a New Guidled Age — Paul Krugman on Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First CenturyThe New York Review of Books
  6. How some journalists are using anonymous secret-sharing apps — Nieman Journalism Lab
  7. Ephemeral Apps — Schneier on Security
  8. Why futurologists are always wrong – and why we should be sceptical of techno-utopians — NewStatesman
  9. The Daily Routines of Geniuses — Harvard Business Review
  10. Video embedded above and on YouTube here: “A tour of the British Isles in accents.”

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