• saggy

    i think we will be dealing with an item that is v-ish in shape and mimics the contours or your thumb and first finger grip. It will project holograms and be nearly purely voice, or google-glass, or implanted microchip-activated.

  • It would be possible to make it nearly unbreakable, and it would be possible to make it up to date continually by uploading new software. But I think it will not be done, because those making phones will profit the most from phones that get unusable after some time. You will however get wireless glasses and earplugs integrated with the phone that make you see and hear pictures and videos, as if you were at the place you yourself. It could also be integrated with monitors on your body that measures your vital signs to tell about your health status and to guide you during exercize. It will also be equipped with monitors of all kind to measure environmental parameters, like temperature, air pressure, radioactivity, pollution and a lot more.

  • Fiona Boéiiee

    what phone is this and where can I find it 🙂