Thailand update: Protesters target state telecoms — and suspected Red Shirts

The AP reports: A mob of anti-government protesters attacked at least two people they suspected of supporting the current Thai government and smashed the windows of a moving Bangkok bus Saturday in the first eruption of violence after a week of tense street protests. The mob also smashed the windshield of a taxi carrying people […]

Here are 3 maps that show where Bangkok protests are happening—for now, at least

Anti-government protesters have been ratcheting up their rallies in recent days. It’s a fluid situation: Demonstrators often move to various locations in the city throughout the day. Yesterday they targeted the Police headquarters; today they forced their way into the Army’s HQ. It can be hard, especially for those not familiar with the geography of […]

Thailand protest update: demonstrations move beyond Bangkok

Just briefly: A few stories worth checking out today: Thai Protests Widen Beyond Bangkok — WSJ Best political insult of the day, courtesy of Thailand: ‘Stupid Crab B*tch Water Buffalo Face‘ — GlobalPost. Thailand’s Suthep: dissent crusher turns protest leader — Reuters Leader of Thai protests says he’s prepared to die — AP Protesters Take […]

Bangkok protests update: November 26

Above: today’s WSJ Asia and International New York Times A quick update, following yesterday’s post, as protests continue here in Bangkok. What happened today: Protesters surrounded the interior, tourism, transport, and agriculture ministries. Yingluck and the Pheu Thai party are undergoing a two-day confidence debate in Parliament An arrest warrant was issued for protest leader […]

Bangkok protests: What happened today and how to follow the news

Anti-government protesters, whose rallies I’ve written about before, stepped up their demonstrations today. Above is AP video of scuffles that broke out with police. Here’s a recap of what happened today: Protesters began marching to 13 locations around the city this morning, then later forced their way into the Finance Ministry. Demonstrators also entered the […]

How smartphones are killing the developing world’s Internet cafes

That’s the subject of a Quartz story I wrote yesterday.

My favorite chart illustrating trends in Thai governance over the decades

A study of Thai politics in the 20th century reveals that the country has continuously alternated between democratic and military systems of government. As I mentioned earlier on Twitter, yesterday’s Constitution Court verdict — that the government’s attempt to make the Senate fully elected is unconstitutional — provides an opportunity to share my favorite graphic […]

A round-up of some of my recent Quartz stories

Some posts you might’ve missed if you don’t follow me on Twitter, where I self-promote link to my work more often: A Chinese province is trying to solve its labor problems with robots Thailand’s latest political crisis is ratings gold for its many partisan TV stations How do you disrupt the finances of an Islamist […]

Thailand protests update: a few links to share

A quick follow-up to my post Tuesday about anti-amnesty demonstrations morphing into an effort to topple Yingluck. Here’s what’s up: 1. The general strike fizzled, as the AP reports. 2. Have we reached a stalemate? The the big picture, again from the AP: Thaksin isn’t returning to Thailand anytime soon. Yingluck and the ruling Pheu […]

Tweets of the day…

…just now from China’s official Xinhua news agency: China will reduce the number of crimes subject to death penalty "step by step," a key reform document said Friday. — Xinhua News Agency (@XHNews) November 15, 2013 China will abolish the "reeducation through labor" system as part of efforts to improve human rights and judicial practices. […]