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Month: June 2013

Google Reader Dies Tomorrow. My Replacement: NewsBlur

2013 06 30 newsblur

We’ve known since March that Google Reader, the hugely popular RSS reader, is dying July 1.

That’s tomorrow! (Or maybe even today, depending on where you are.)

I’ve relied on RSS readers to keep track of various blogs and news sites since 2005, and have been trying out several Google Reader replacements in recent weeks.

I wasn’t crazy about Feedly‘s interface, though it’s free.

Feed Wrangler, which is $20 per year, is a hit among the tech elite and seems quite workable. But I didn’t like the folder-less, “smart streams” approach. (Unlike some folks, I’m not looking for RSS innovation. I just want a service that works well, in a Google Reader-esque manner, and looks decent.)

So, with just one day left to until Google Reader officially goes kaput, I settled on NewsBlur, pictured above. I like it a lot so far. The free version has limited functionality, so I sprung for the $24 annual subscription. Here’s a detailed review of NewsBlur.

Other resources: Here’s more on exporting your Google Reader data. And here’s a round-up of several other Google Reader alternatives.

Happy feed reading.

Snippet of the day, fast food edition

2013 06 30 donut sandwich

A snippet from a New York Times story yesterday:

The new menu items added by fast-food chains this year indicate as much: a brownie-batter-filled doughnut (Dunkin’ Donuts), a bacon habanero ranch Quarter Pounder (McDonald’s), bacon-filled tater tots (Burger King), a six-slices-of-bacon-and-cheese burger (Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s), a choco-covered pretzel and choco chunk vanilla Blizzard (Dairy Queen), and a chocolate molten lava cake (Arby’s).

Then there’s the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich from Dunkin’ Donuts that Mr. Moran tried. It was rolled out nationally this month after a Massachusetts test that was a ‘viral hit,’ the company’s executive chef told The Boston Globe earlier this month. ‘Within days of the test, people were sending pictures, tweeting ‘look what I got!’ or ‘this is so wrong!’ and it was just incredible.’

If unhealthy food is wrong, restaurant visitors apparently don’t want to be right.

Related: See my 2012 post — especially points two and three — about my favorite nutrition book, “Why Calories Count: From Science to Politics.”

(Image: Dunkin’ Donuts.)

AP: ‘Myanmar telecom deal with Qatar firm sparks ire’

The AP reports:

Religious tensions engulfing Myanmar spread Friday to the world of big business: Monks and others in the Buddhist-dominated country demanded to know why a lucrative license for a new national mobile phone network had gone to a company from a Muslim nation.

There’s more on the deal itself from Bloomberg:

Norway’s Telenor ASA (TEL) and Ooredoo QSC (QTEL) of Qatar won licenses to expand telecommunications in Myanmar, one of the world’s last remaining untapped markets where only about one in 10 people has a mobile phone.

The two carriers beat nine other bidders including Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. (ST), billionaire George Soros and Bharti Airtel Ltd. (BHARTI) in the auction. A France Telecom SA-Marubeni Corp. group was named as a backup in case one of the winners doesn’t fulfill final requirements.

The decision ends a six-month race that drew 91 expressions of interest to operate in the country of 64 million people. The licenses are among the biggest prizes for foreign companies since President Thein Sein moved to allow greater political and economic freedom after taking power in 2011. They’ll be awarded according to a telecommunications law that parliament expects to adopt soon, according to a statement yesterday.

(All emphasis mine.)

‘The New Myanmar’: All 6 episodes of Anasuya’s new show

Last month I mentioned that the first two episodes of “The New Myanmar,” hosted by Anasuya Sanyal — also known as my amazing wife — were available online.

The show’s final four episodes have now aired on Channel NewsAsia, as well, and I wanted to embed them here.

Again, here are the first two shows:

Episode one, “Artistic Freedom,” about music and the arts in the country:

Episode two, about Yangon’s architectural heritage:

And now for the newer shows:

Episode three, on business development in Myanmar:

Episode four, on media in the country:

Episode five, about resolving the country’s ethnic conflicts:

And, finally, episode six, on what lies ahead for Myanmar:

Patrick Winn Kicks off Reddit AMA on Myanmar

A quick note: Patrick Winn, a journalist who’s done a lot of reporting on Myanmar for Globalpost, is currently holding a Reddit AMA — (Ask Me Anything) on the country. Worth a look.

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