Tweets from Tom Wolfe’s Talk Last Night

Tom Wolfe visited the Columbia Journalism School last night. Here, in chronological order, are my Tweets (and re-Tweets) from the event.

Anasuya’s New Documentary Series on Myanmar

Here’s the trailer for a new Channel NewsAsia documentary series called “The New Myanmar.” The series is hosted by Anasuya Sanyal, otherwise known as my amazing wife. The first show airs Monday, May 6 from 8:30 p.m. until 9 p.m. Singapore time, and the series runs through June 10. Keep an eye out if you […]

Spotted on NYC Subway: (Fake) Ad for ‘Canine Plastic Surgeon’

I spotted this “ad” for a “canine plastic surgeon” recently on the 1 train here in New York. Despite the silliness of the concept, the ad is pretty convincing, since it’s done very much in the style of many local NYC subway ads. (Dermatologist Dr. Jonathan Zizmor‘s ads come to mind.) However, a quick visit […]

‘Accountants are Cowboys of Information’

So wrote David Foster Wallace. Quartz has the late writer’s handwritten notes from an accounting class. Love it. There’s more on the topic in this 2012 New Yorker story.

Springtime Weather Arrives in NYC

This was the scene on the Columbia campus around mid-day yesterday: Yes — it was sunny. And with temperatures in the 60s, it felt almost hot after the last several months of winter. People were wearing shorts. And napping on lawns. And buying treats from a frozen yogurt truck. Yes, springtime weather has arrived. Finally. […]