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  1. Obama to Visit Myanmar as Part of First Postelection Overseas Trip to AsiaNew York Times
  2. Laos Dam Kicks Off Controversial Mekong PlansWall Street Journal
  3. Pardoned Thai-American speaks to the press on lese majeste — Bangkok Pundit
  4. Thai-American ‘wins election’Bangkok Post on Tammy Duckworth
  5. International reporting in the age of participatory media (PDF) — Ethan Zuckerman, Dædalus, Spring 2010
  6. High Ambition and Visions of Andean Haute CuisineNew York Times
  7. On the Implausibility of the Death Star’s Trash Compactor —
  8. Image above: Bloomberg Businessweek Nov. 12-18 cover. Special report: “The Next Four Years.”

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