Hello from the U.S. — and Goodbye Until Next Week

Just a quick note to say hi from the U.S. — and let you know that I won’t be blogging this week. That’s because I’m busy soaking up the Lowcountry charm here in Beaufort, South Carolina. Rather than writing Newley.com posts, my itinerary for the next several days will continue to consist of hanging out […]

Off Topic: An Excellent Book about Nutrition

I’m read several books, over the years, about food and nutrition. I’ve tackled Gary Taubes’s popular books “Good Calories, Bad Calories” and “Why We Get Fat,” as well as “In Defense of Food”, the hit book by Michael Pollan. I’ve also done some reading on “paleo nutrition,” which is popular in Crossfit circles. Perhaps the […]

Programming Note: I’m Off to NYC for Nine Months

Some news to share, friends: Next week I’m leaving Bangkok to spend nine months in New York, where I’ll be pursuing my master’s in journalism at Columbia University. I’ll be in the MA program, which is designed for experienced journalists to focus, in depth, on one area of study. I’ll be in the business and […]

Self-Promotion: New WSJ Story on All Things Vintage Thailand

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting anything until next week, but I wanted to break my brief radio silence to point out that I have a story online and in the print edition of today’s Wall Street Journal Weekend Journal. It’s called “Exploring Thailand’s Taste for Nostalgia,” and features some excellent photos by […]