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Self-Promotion: My New WSJ Southeast Asia Real Time Story on NASA Cancelling Thailand Plan

The story is here, and begins:

The U.S.’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, says it has cancelled its plan to use Thailand’s Vietnam War-era U-Tapao airbase for an atmospheric research study because Thailand’s government has put off granting its approval.

For reference, my earlier story on U-Tapao is here.

Reuters on Yesterday’s Red Shirt Rally

Reuters reports:

Thailand’s “red shirts” turned out in force on Sunday to warn the judiciary they will not stand by if a plan to amend the constitution is rejected, a rewrite critics say is aimed at allowing exiled former premier Thaksin Shinawatra to come home.


According to police estimates, 35,000 red shirts had gathered at Democracy Monument in central Bangkok by late afternoon, many from Thaksin strongholds in the north and northeast, meeting in a festive atmosphere under light police presence.


The red shirts chose June 24 for their latest gathering as it marks the anniversary of a revolution that brought an end to absolute monarchy in 1932.

Self-Promotion: New WSJ Southeast Asia Real Time Story on NASA, Thailand, and the U-Tapao Airbase

The story is here, and begins:

Plans for the U.S. government to expand its use of a Thai military airbase have created a stir in Thailand, with domestic politics likely playing a significant role in the controversy, according to a Thailand security expert.

Red Shirt 112 Sticker Evokes Pizza Company Logo

2012 06 22 112 pizza co

Related to my last post

@Anasuya found this notable sticker today at a Red Shirt event here in Bangkok.

Yes, it refers to lèse-majesté — Article 112 of the Thai criminal code — and is modeled on…the Pizza Company logo.

Pizza Company restaurants are popular and widespread here in Thailand, and their advertisements often include a jingle with the number you dial for delivery: 1112.

Hence, the play on 112 and the (likely unintentionally misspelled) reference to “fast derivery.”

Bloomberg on 112 and Lèse-majesté

Bloomberg reports today:

For all the bickering among Thai political parties, they agree on one thing: Now isn’t the time to amend a law last changed in 1976 that has been used to shield the royal family from criticism.

Worth a read.

Thai Anti-Smoking PSA: Children Ask for a Light

Embedded above and on YouTube here is a creative anti-smoking PSA that appears to be from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation.

You can find more details here.

(Via @jonrussell)

Self-Promotion: New WSJ Southeast Asia Real Time Story on Runway Repairs at Suvarnabhumi

The story is here, and begins:

Runway repairs at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi international airport are causing flight delays, and a global airline association says carriers and passengers could be significantly affected in the weeks ahead.

Reuters on Chamlong and Thailand’s Yellow Shirts

Reuters reported yesterday:

The elderly man dressed in homespun cotton looks like a kind-hearted grandfather from a rural Thai soap opera.

But it would be unwise to underestimate Chamlong Srimuang, a key figure in Thailand’s turbulent recent history, or the “yellow shirt” army he commands.

“We have successfully overthrown three prime ministers, which proves our track record is excellent,” says Chamlong, co-leader of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD), whose yellow-clad members shut down Bangkok’s international airport in 2008.

“We have the ability to overthrow another government again if need be.”

That last claim might have rung hollow before June 1, when thousands of protesters from the long-dormant PAD blockaded the Thai parliament.

Worth a read.

14 Links

Some Thailand-related, some not:

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  14. Video embedded above and on YouTube here: “Un enfant de 5 ans remplaçant au foot.”

(Previous link round-ups are available via the links tag.)

Self-Promotion: New WSJ Item on a Unique Villa in Cha-Am

I have a Wall Street Journal House of the Day piece online today. The headline is “Room for the Helipad in Thailand.”

It begins:

This Thai villa has two guest houses, an outdoor pavilion that can be converted into a helipad and comes with a lifetime membership to a Jack Nicklaus golf course.

Click through for all the details and images.

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