12 Links

Some Thailand-related, some not:

  1. Myanmar exiles test government’s promise of change — The AP
  2. Myanmar’s Transformation: A Revolution With No Name?The Wall Street Journal/Southeast Asia Real Time
  3. Investors Hesitate as Frontier Market Myanmar Faces Election — Bloomberg
  4. Memo from Ecuador: ‘Garage Universities’ Are Bracing for School ReformThe New York Times
  5. Sea Clashes Loom Over Southeast Asia SummitThe Wall Street Journal
  6. Angry Words: Will one researcher’s discovery deep in the Amazon destroy the foundation of modern linguistics?The Chronicle Review
  7. Vast Tracts in Paraguay Forest Being Replaced by RanchesThe New York Times
  8. The South: Non-practising versus true SouthernersThe Economist
  9. How Hiring Makes Uniqlo a Successful RetailerThe New Yorker
  10. Stockholm’s Lunch Beat Dance Is Trending — AP video report
  11. “Foggy Mountain Breakdown — Earl Scruggs” — video on YouTube
  12. Video embedded above and on YouTube here: “Riding the Booster with enhanced sound.” More details are here.

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