Bangkok Explosions Update: More Details on Injured Man

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2012 02 14 bangkok explosions

Another update on the Bangkok explosions story:

Reuters says:

A man thought to be an Iranian was seriously wounded in Bangkok on Tuesday when a bomb he was carrying exploded and blew both his legs off, police and a government spokeswoman said.

The Bangkok Post reports:

An Iranian man was severely injured when he threw a bomb at police that hit a tree and bounced back towards him and exploded in Bangkok on Tuesday afternoon, reports said.

Two bombs went off on Sukhumvit 71 road, injuring five people, including an Iranian man, the reports said.

According to a television news report, an Iranian man carrying a black bag hurled the first bomb at a taxi after the driver refused to accept him as a passenger. The cab driver was among the injured, reports said.

When police arrived at the scene, the foreigner then threw a second bomb at them, but it hit a tree and bounced back towards him and exploded. He lost both of his legs in the blast, the report said.

I suggest the AP story I mentioned earlier for a good roundup of the information available at this point.

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