Asian Games: Thailand women win gold in 4×100-meter relay

Some upbeat news for Thailand near the end of what has been a difficult year: The women’s 4×100-meter relay team won a gold metal Friday at the Guangzhou Asian Games. AP has the details: Thailand was the surprise winner of the women’s race, clocking 44.09 seconds as they interrupted Chinese dominance of six straight golds […]

Bangkok Post: “Court dismisses case against Dems”

To follow up on my previous post: This is just in from the Bangkok Post: The Constitution Court on Monday dropped the electoral fraud case against the Democrat Party, ruling that the petition process was unlawful from the start. The judges voted four to two against the petition brought by the Election Commission. Stay tuned…

Constitution Court to rule Mon. on Democrat Party dissolution

Thailand political nerds only… Thailand’s Constitution Court is due to rule Monday on a dissolution case against Prime Minister Abhisit’s Democrat Party. Here are some resources for reading up on the issues at hand: For analysis, I suggest this Bangkok Pundit post, called “Why would the Democrats be dissolved?” And here’s a Bangkok Post story […]

9 Links

Some Thailand related, some not… Thai “yellow shirts” rally to block charter reforms — Reuters Is this a portrait of a human 50 million years from now? — io9 Remote Bhutan Aims to Draw Investors to the Himalayas — Wall Street Journal Experts try to convey danger of Indonesian volcano — The AP Thailand Confronts […]

Red shirts protesting here in Bangkok today

Anti-government red shirt protesters are gathering here in Bangkok today to mark the six month anniversary of the May 19 army crackdown. The image above, taken by by @RichardBarrow and shared via Twitpic, shows the gathering at Rajaprasong intersection at 3 p.m. local time, or about 45 minutes ago. Here’s an AFP story about what […]

Following up on Aung San Suu Kyi and Viktor Bout

Not that the two are related, obviously. But given my absence last week, a couple of quick follow-ups: First, I mentioned how to track the Myanmar elections online, so I wanted to weigh in again on a related topic: the release of Aung San Suu Kyi. Here’s a NYT story about Saturday’s events, and here’s […]

See you next week

I won’t be posting anything here at until next week. See you then. (If anything momentous happens, you can look for me on Twitter, as ever, at: @newley.)

Following the Myanmar elections online

Myanmar is holding elections today for the first time in 20 years. Critics, however, say the vote is a sham designed to allow the military junta to remain in control of the country while claiming to be undertaking democratic reforms. While it’s unlikely there will be any surprising developments, here are some resources for following […]

“Cool” weather comes to Bangkok

I know it’s been all-Thailand-flooding-all-of-the-time in these parts, but a quick note: This will come as no surprise to readers here in Bangkok, but the weather in the city has been absolutely delightful for the past week or so. We’ve been spared the daily downpours as the rainy season has come to a close, and […]

Southern Thailand hit by flash floods

First it was flooding in central and northeast Thailand. And now the country’s south has been hit. Here’s the front page of today’s Bangkok Post, which includes an image of flooding in the southern Thailand city of Hat Yai: From the accompanying story: Rescuers have struggled to get help to thousands of people stranded in […]