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  1. Pressure cooking — Austin Bush on David Thompson and the kerfuffle surrounding foreigners cooking Thai food. Related…
  2. …BBC News: Thai restaurants spark food fight
  3. Distance Runners Are a Paradox for InsurersNew York Times
  4. Journalism of tomorrow: More info, less facts — Journalism and the World
  5. To Save Students Money, Colleges May Force a Switch to E-TextbooksThe Chronicle of Higher Education
  6. The Parking Lot Movie — www.theparkinglotmovie.com — entertaining new documentary about parking lot attendants in Charlottesville, Virginia
  7. A Poet’s Return Home to Thailand’s Violent SouthNew York Times
  8. The Future of Public Transport in Bangkok — Sustainable Cities Collective
  9. This Is Not a Blog Post: Blogs and Web magazines are looking more and more alike. What’s the difference? — Slate
  10. The Southeast Asian Arms Race — Asia Unbound/Council on Foreign Relations
  11. The Phenomenal ‘Chinese Professor’ Ad — James Fallows/The Atlantic

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