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Some Thailand related, some not… Pressure cooking — Austin Bush on David Thompson and the kerfuffle surrounding foreigners cooking Thai food. Related… …BBC News: Thai restaurants spark food fight Distance Runners Are a Paradox for Insurers — New York Times Journalism of tomorrow: More info, less facts — Journalism and the World To Save Students […]

Thailand flooding: death toll rises to 68

MCOT reports that the death toll in ongoing flooding here in Thailand has risen to 68: The Emergency Medical Institute of Thailand on Thursday reported a total death toll of 68 from this month’s flooding, including 54 men and 14 women in 19 provinces Oct 10-28. The highest number of deaths was recorded at 11 […]

Map of Bangkok flooding embankments

Here’s a map of flooding embankments in Bangkok, courtesy of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, via today’s Bangkok Post. Full story and larger map are here. So far the city has not suffered major damage. Here’s an AP story with the latest details. More info — mostly in Thai — is available at ThaiFlood.com and the […]

Thailand flooding: Death toll rises to 41; parts of Bangkok near Chao Phraya river evacuated

Widespread flooding continues in northeast and central Thailand — and now parts of Bangkok near the Chao Phraya river have been flooded, as well. The death toll has risen to 41, with more than 2 million people affected. Al Jazeera English: “Floods prompt Bangkok evacuation” Residents living near the main river that passes through the […]

Thailand flooding on Google Maps

Update two: For more posts about flooding in Thailand as of Sept., 2011, see the Thailand Flooding tag. Update: This post is from Oct. 2010. For more recent flooding news, from March 2011, see this post. As I mentioned here and here, Thailand has been hit by the worst flooding in decades. @thaitvnews has created […]

More on flooding in Thailand [cross posted to Siam Voices]

Note: This is cross-posted to Siam Voices, a collaborative Thailand blog at Asian Correspondent. Heavy rains have triggered the worst flooding in decades in central and northeast Thailand. The New York Times had this story yesterday: Devastating floods spreading from northeastern Thailand have left 17 people dead over the past two weeks as heavy rainfall has […]

Floods hit central and northeast Thailand

AFP yesterday: Flash floods kill seven in Thailand The worst floods in decades in Thailand’s rural northeast have killed at least seven people and damaged homes, businesses and swathes of farmland, officials said Tuesday. In worst-hit Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand’s biggest province, three people died and thousands of homes were flooded along with a hospital, which […]

Map of Bangkok featuring district names

Andy, the author of the excellent blog Changwat, Amphoe, Tambon — a lovingly curated site that provides exhaustive information on Thailand’s administrative subdivisions — has created the cool map of Bangkok you see above. Here’s a bigger version. The author was inspired, I’m happy to say, by a tweet I posted last year containing a […]

What does the rising baht mean to the Thai government and exporters?

For an examination of what the rising Thai baht — previous posts here and here — means to the Thai government and exporters, I suggest this post from James Harriman at Asian Correspondent: Panic over the rising baht: …The Thai baht has strengthened significantly versus the US dollar over the last year, as have most […]

FT on Thai capital controls as baht continues to soar

A brief Financial Times blog post worth checking out: Thai capital controls: more to come: The Thai government’s attempts to relieve the upward pressure on the baht by reinstating a 15 per cent withholding tax on foreign bond holders has had little intended effect so far. On Tuesday the baht continued its inexorable climb hitting […]