David Thompson, foreigners, and Thai cuisine

A much-discussed story here in Bangkok at the moment is this IHT piece about David Thompson, an Australian chef known for his cuisine at the Michelin-starred Thai restaurant nahm, in London. Thomspon recently opened a branch here in Bangkok. The lede: It’s been a rough year for Thailand. First there were the images of deadly […]

Prachatai’s Chiranuch Premchaiporn arrested

A quick note to point out that Chiranuch Premchaiporn, director of the independent Thai news site Prachatai, was arrested Friday and held for several hours for allegedly running afoul of Thailand’s Computer Crime Act and committing lese majeste, or insulting the royal family. The charges reportedly stem from a 2009 complaint that offensive comments — […]

Thailand’s 3G saga (cross-posted to Siam Voices)

Note: This is cross-posted to Siam Voices, a new group-run Thailand blog at Asian Correspondent. Arguments over stipulations in the Thai constitution. Court rulings. Frustrated investors. Beguiled local people. Sound familiar? No, this isn’t the Map Ta Phut industrial estate case. It’s a different snafu entirely — but one with certain similarities. This high-tech imbroglio […]

A few news stories about Sunday’s red shirt protests

I’m a few days late with this, but I wanted to close the book — for now, at least — on Sunday’s red shirt protests. Here are a few news stories worth checking out: AP: Thailand’s Red Shirts mark coup anniversary Econoimist blog post: Red shirts’ redux Channel NewsAsia had a report from Chiang Mai: […]

Update: red shirts gather here in Bangkok

An update to my previous post: I spent several hours at Bangkok’s Rajaprasong intersection today, where thousands of red shirts gathered to mark the anniversaries of the 2006 military coup and the May army crackdown. At various times, the crowds of protesters nearly shut down the intersection, though single lanes of traffic were still able […]

Red shirts gather in Bangkok

As I mentioned in my last post, Red shirt leaders have planned several events here in Bangkok and in Chiang Mai to mark the anniversaries of the 2006 military coup and the May 19 army crackdown. Above, via Twitpic, is an image @RichardBarrow posted not long ago from Rajaprasong intersection, which the red shirts shut […]

Red shirts to protest this weekend

Sunday, Sept. 19 is anniversary of the 2006 military coup that overthrew ex-prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra. And Thailand’s red shirts — many of whom still support the fugitive billionaire — will be rallying to mark the occasion. WSJ: Thailand Braces for Anniversary Protests: Thai security forces are gearing up for a weekend of antigovernment protests […]

Economist Stephen Roach: “America has lost its way”

I suggest checking out this sobering IHT op-ed from economist Stephen Roach, who’s now at Yale after having been non-executive chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia. The Asian Way: HONG KONG — What a contrast! After three years living in Asia, I returned to the United States a couple of months ago, with enormous respect for […]

WSJ on mobile banking in Cambodia

From today’s WSJ: Mobile Service Targets Cambodia’s ‘Unbanked’: How do you roll out a banking service in a place where most people don’t have bank accounts? Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. tackled that question in developing WING, a banking and payment system it launched in Cambodia early last year.

AP: “Study: Bangkok street fruit often contaminated”

Most street food available in Thailand is safe to eat. I’ve never fallen ill after eating a meal from a street-side vendor — including the fruit I often buy from local hawkers. But this AP story today is worth checking out. Study: Bangkok street fruit often contaminated: BANGKOK — Fruit buyers, beware. A survey of […]