Self-promotion: A few links

A few links in the name of self-promotion: Here’s an Emerging Markets story that I wrote about the Thai political crisis and the country’s economic recovery. Note that this ran in early May. Here’s a brief analysis piece and look ahead on Thailand that I wrote for the Hindustan Times. These items ran on May […]

See you in a few days

I’ll be posting more about Thailand, naturally, in the days to come. But I’m signing off now for a few days to get some rest. More soon, friends. Thanks, as ever, for reading.

Rajaprasong aftermath: images from today

As promised, here are some of my images from today. There are more in the full photoset. Again, here’s the rest of the photoset.

Images from Rajaprasong

I’ve been out and about around Rajaprasong today surveying the cleanup efforts following Wednesday’s events. Army troops are disassembling abandoned red shirt tents, while fire fighters have been spraying water on a smoldering section of Central World. I’ll share more images later, but for now you can have a look at the photos I’ve been […]

Bangkok: the events of May 19

Yesterday, May 19, army troops stormed the red shirt camp, breaking up anti-government demonstrations that had lasted for more than two months here in Bangkok. Soldiers first destroyed the red shirt barricades in Silom ((See this post for images of the aftermath of earlier violence in Silom.)) with armored personnel carriers. Then the troops pressed […]

Army clears protesters; buildings burned here in Bangkok

Will write more soon. I’ve been tweeting pics and text throughout the day, of course. Stay tuned.

Red shirt protests: images from this evening

The latest news on the red shirt protests here in Bangkok is this: The army continues to enforce its blockade of the protest zone at Rajaprasong, in the center of the city. And demonstrators continue to attack the soldiers’ positions. Here’s a recent AP story on failed talks between red leaders and the government. I […]

Map of Bangkok clashes as of Sat., May 15

Here’s a map that the Bangkok Post is running today. I couldn’t find this on their Web site, so I scanned it in. It shows where the major violence took place yesterday. Click the image for a bigger version. Also, as a reminder, here’s the Google Map of protest sites, and here’s another map of […]

Ongoing violence here in Bangkok

Still no time to blog, but I continue to post text and images to Twitter in real time. (Also, note that my list of Thailand Twitterers — 129 folks and growing — is here.) Friends in the U.S. might hear a short radio piece I recently filed for ABC News Radio. And pals in Asia […]

Today’s events here in Bangkok

Quite a day here in Bangkok. No time to write a detailed post at the moment, but you can see what I wrote throughout the day on Twitter. Stay tuned…