Clashes between red shirts and troops today

Thailand violence flares as red-shirts and troops clash [BBC, April 28, 2010 — includes video footage] Thai troops and a convoy of hundreds of red-shirt protesters have clashed on the outskirts of Bangkok. One soldier has died, reportedly from a shot fired by a member of the security forces, and at least 10 people have […]

Map of red shirt protest areas in Bangkok

Above is a map of the red shirt protest zones here in Bangkok. It appears to be accurate as of April 25. The map shows the areas currently occupied by protesters, and includes details about roadblocks. You can find a bigger version here, or by clicking on the image above. (The image source is unknown; […]

Red shirt protest updates

Here’s the latest news: Thais Worry About Lasting Violence [WSJ] Thailand’s yellows urge action against red-shirts [BBC News] Thai rallies ditch red shirts in case of crackdown [AP] And for those of you wondering whether or not it’s safe to visit Thailand, I suggest checking out Staying Safe in Thailand: Streetwise Advice + Twitter, a […]

Explosions in Silom

Here are my images from the time I spent at Silom last night. I arrived not long after what authorities say was an M79 grenade exploded near the Dusit Thani hotel, in an area where pro-government demonstrators had been rallying. This area is across an intersection from the red shirt barricade that I wrote about […]

Red shirts and pro-government demonstrators in Silom

Red shirt protesters, supporters of the government, and army troops have converged on an intersection in Silom, at the mouth of Bangkok’s financial district. No violence has taken place, though when I was there, earlier this evening, there was some tension in the air. The red shirts were dancing to loud rock music, while the […]

A quick look at Thai constitutions since 1932

That’s the subject of my newest update over at

Red shirt protest update: Army soldiers positioned in Silom

Just briefly: The story of the day, from AP: “Armed Thai troops patrol Bangkok business district.” The soldiers took up positions there early this morning after Red Shirt protesters said they’d take their demonstrations to Silom. But that didn’t happen. Also, an interview with Thai PM Abhisit was broadcast on TV this evening. The Bangkok […]

Red shirt protest update: three stories of note

Three new stories of note (cross-posted to Thailand faces threat of yellow-shirt counter-protest [BBC] Thailand Tourism Devastated by Political Unrest [TIME] Thailand mulls a ‘half coup’ [Asia Times Online]

Red shirt protest update: foiled attempt to catch red leaders

Here’s the story of the day (you won’t believe it until you read it), as covered by the NYT. And here’s a TIME essay called “Thailand’s Broken Democracy.” The latter contains this memorable passage: In the facile political taxonomy we use to categorize nations, Thailand is considered a democracy. Yet the country remains, if not […]

Ongoing red shirt protests: three stories of note

Things continue to be quiet here in Bangkok today, with the Songkran new year holiday in full effect. Many red shirt protesters have reportedly abandoned what was once their main protest site, Phan Fah bridge near Rajadamnoen Ave., in order to consolidate their numbers at the Rajaprasong intersection. As we wait to see what comes […]