Update: Crew of N. Korean arms plane to be held until Feb. 11, Bangkok Post says

An update to my previous post: The Bangkok Post is now saying this: The prosecution on Friday deferred until Feb 11 a decision on whether to indict the five crew members of a plane which landed at Don Mueang airport with an undeclared cargo of weapons from North Korea. It was earlier reported that the […]

Bangkok Post: Crew of North Korean arms plane to be released today?

Today’s Bangkok Post, citing an anonymous source, has this story: “Korea arms plane crew ‘to go free.’” The first two graphs: Prosecutors have decided to drop charges against five suspects found last month with 35 tonnes of weapons on a plane from North Korea, a source close to the case has revealed. The source did […]

Reuters: “Are cracks appearing in Thailand’s military?”

Given my recent posts on the subject, I wanted to point out a story that Reuters ran yesterday. It’s called “Are cracks appearing in Thailand’s military?” Here are the first few graphs. A grenade attack on the office of Thailand’s army chief this month is stoking fears of a worst-case scenario in Thailand’s political crisis […]

Front page of today’s Bangkok Post: “Coup, What Coup?”

I mentioned yesterday the Jan. 15 grenade attack on the office of Thai General Anupong, and how the incident underscores tensions within the Thai Army. So I wanted to follow up, just quickly, with a cell phone pic of the front page of today’s Bangkok Post. The story, as you can see, is called “Coup, […]

Spotted by Austin in Northern Thailand: bespoke chicken carrier

Image credit: Austin Bush. Excellent post from Austin Bush about running into a guy carrying a bespoke bamboo chicken container in Northern Thailand, near Mae Hong Son. Check out the full post for the details and another pic. As Austin says: I came across the guy above just outside Ban Mae Lana, possibly the most […]

Grenade attack on Thai Army general’s office

A brief post about a story that has received little international coverage, but which is worth pointing out to Thailand-watchers… Local media has reported that on Jan. 15, a grenade was fired into the sixth-floor office of General Anupong Paojinda, in the Thai Army headquarters. The attack happened at night, and no one was hurt. […]

World Cup trophy comes to Bangkok

The World Cup trophy will be on display at Bangkok’s Paragon shopping center from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. tomorrow (Sat.). Today’s Bangkok Post has the details: The Fifa World Cup trophy arrived in Bangkok yesterday with Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva receiving it in a ceremony at Don Mueang Airport. “I am glad to touch […]