Cameroonian food in Bangkok: Amirra restaurant

Yesterday I had a remarkable eating experience — one of the most interesting culinary outings in all of my time here in Thailand, in fact. And it took place not at a Thai food stall or eatery, but at…a Cameroonian restaurant. I discovered the place thanks to my Cameroonian friend S, who’s on my soccer […]

Cargo plane seizure: N. Korean arms heading to Iran?

An update on the ongoing story about the cargo plane full of North Korean weapons that was recently seized here in Bangkok. Here are two WSJ stories that highlight a couple of developments. First, from Dec. 21, a piece about signs pointing to Iran as a possible destination for the arms. And second, a Dec. […]

More on China, the U.S., GDP, and economic power

One of the great pleasures I derive from blogging here is receiving feedback from knowledgeable and thoughtful readers. One such reader — a person who has asked not to be identified — wrote in to correct my Dec. 11 post about American misperceptions of Chinese economic might. As you’ll recall, I linked to a post […]

N. Korea weapons bust: Thailand confirms assistance from U.S.

The latest from AP: Thailand confirms US helped in weapons seizure BANGKOK — Thailand’s seizure of tons of illicit weapons from a plane from North Korea was the result of cooperation with the United States, a senior official said Thursday. The Ilyushin Il-76 transport plane was impounded Saturday in Bangkok during what officials said was […]

New Zealand connection to North Korean weapons bust?

From today’s WSJ: Officials Probe Auckland Firm’s Role in Seized Arms Cache New Zealand officials are investigating whether an Auckland-based company has links to a weapons-filled plane from North Korea that was detained in Bangkok last week. Investigators are still unsure where the plane — carrying 35 tons of missiles, explosives and other armaments — […]

Why did the cargo plane stop in Thailand? And where was it going?

More details on the recent seizure here in Bangkok of a cargo plane carrying arms from N. Korea (previous posts are here and here.): A snippet from a Dec. 14 CSM story: The cargo plane stopped to refuel Dec. 9 in Bangkok on its outward journey, Mr. Panitan says. It was empty and wasn’t searched […]

More on the N. Korean Weapons Bust

A bit more on the cargo plane full of arms from North Korea that Thai authorities seized here in Bangkok on Friday. (Note: I incorrectly said, earlier, that the bust took place on Sat. In fact, it happened Fri. night. I have corrected my original post.) I think one of the most interesting angles to […]

Thailand nabs plane carrying weapons from North Korea

Image: Reuters Interesting story here in Thailand that involves North Korea, weapons trafficking, and American cooperation with Thai authorities. Thailand on Sat. late Fri. ((Corrected Dec. 14)) seized a cargo plane loaded with 35 tons of weapons that was on its way from North Korea to Sri Lanka. The plane’s final destination is unclear, but […]