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Thailand’s illicit dog meat industry

Here’s an interesting GlobalPost video about the illicit, mafia-run dog meat industry in northeast Thailand. (The video is graphic, so view it with caution.)

The story is part of series on the topic. Here are the rest of the dispatches.

Slideshow: A day in the life of a Bangkok soup vendor

Steven Pettifor has a slideshow on the BBC News site that’s worth checking out. It’s called “In pictures: Bangkok soup vendor’s working day.”

(Via Austin)

Happy Thanksgiving


I’ll be writing more about this soon, but I wanted to share a quick cell phone pic of my contribution to this year’s Thanksgiving festivities.

Yes, that’s what you think it is: My attempt at re-creating my Aunt Cee Cee’s Cece’s ((Update: correction made Nov. 27. For shame. I’ve been spelling my Aunt Cece’s name incorrectly all these years. Thanks to my brother C and my Aunt Meg for the tip!)) famous South Carolina pecan pie, which I have previously raved about. Aunt Cee Cee Cece was kind enough to pass along the recipe. The dish did not disappoint. More on this topic soon.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone.

Update 2: Nov. 27 — here are a few more pics of the pecan pie. I cannot share the recipe as it’s a closely-guarded family secret (!), but here’s how the process looked. It’s fairly straightforward.

The raw ingredients. From left to right: pecans, vanilla extract, brown sugar, eggs, salt, butter, milk, and flour.

Everything is ready to mix…

The pecans are aligned in the pie shell… ((And before you ask: No, I did not make the pie shell from scratch.))

The mixture is poured into the pie shell — and notice how the pecans, oh so beautifully, float to the top…

Into the oven…

And cooling.

Add whipped cream — or for a more authentic American touch, Cool Whip! — and serve. Simply delicious.

Google Maps Thailand expands functionality

As this Youtube video (embedded below) explains, Google Maps Thailand now incorporates data from Bangkok’s public transport organizations and suggests modes of transport other than driving.

I can’t verify it yet, but the new functionality should allow users to get walking, driving, and mass transit directions to various destinations in the Thai capital.

CNNGo has more info. Those who read Thai should be able to see the new features in action at

Thaksin’s new alias: Takki Shinegra?


When Thailand’s exiled former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra bought Manchester City FC in 2007, some of the club’s fans began referring to him Frank, as in Frank Sinatra.

Now there’s this item in today’s Nation:

Thaksin’s new name : Takki Shinegra

Runaway ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra has used new name in his passports issued by some African countries, Thai Vice foreign minister Panich Vikitsreth said Wednesday.

Thaksin’s name in passports issued by Nicaragua, Uganda and Montenegro has been changed to “Takki Shinegra,” he said.

The Thai government has revoked Thaksin’s diplomatic passport issued during his premiership. He was believed to have an ordinary Thai passport. Some African countries have issued him a special passport to facilitate his travels and his visit to the countries.


(Thanks to A for the tip.)

Heads up: New taqueria coming to Bangkok

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Bangkok-based foodies, take note: A new Mexican restaurant is coming to town — the soon-to-open La Monita Taqueria. I dropped by today, and though I’ve yet to sample the food, the establishment seems promising.

A few weeks back, I noticed that @LaMonitaBkk was following me on Twitter.

I did a little poking around, and the La Monita Web site says the place is located in Mahatun Plaza, near the Ploenchit BTS station.

As it happens, I was in the area around lunch time today, so I dropped by. La Monita isn’t open yet, but I spoke with the owner. He told me that they plan to open on Friday (Nov. 27).

Try our "Mexi Grilled Fish Taco" from La Monita Taqueria - So... on Twitpic

Arroz a la Cubana: Original Cuban rice dish with a twist of M... on Twitpic

A sample dish — the grilled fish taco — is pictured above, along with an arroz a la Cubana. And here’s a photo of the storefront. (Note that these aren’t my images. They’re taken from the La Monita Twitpic account.)

If you make it to La Monita, leave a comment to let us know how you like it.

La Monita Taqueria
888/26 Mahatun Plaza (about 100 meter down, on the left)
Tel. 02-650-9581

And here’s a map:

View Larger Map

Thailand’s ex-PM Samak dies



Former Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej dies

BANGKOK — Samak Sundaravej, a firebrand politician who briefly served as Thailand’s prime minister but was ousted for simultaneously getting income as host of a popular TV cooking show, died of cancer Tuesday. He was 74.

Samak died at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok after a long battle against liver cancer, hospital official Navachamol Sangkaew said. Samak had sought treatment for the cancer late last year in the United States and kept a low-profile after returning to Thailand.

Known as a straight-talker with a penchant for the profane, Samak’s political career spanned four decades but many supporters remembered him best for his TV show called “Tasting and Complaining,” a mix of traditional Thai cooking and rants on Samak’s pet subjects.

There’s more from, Al Jazeera, Reuters, and AFP.

Thailand’s PB Air ceases operations


A quick Thailand-specific aviation note that may of of interest: PB Air has ceased operating. The company’s Web site has a simple statement saying that “all flights are suspended until further notice,” but no reason for the stoppage is given. noted this news on Nov. 18, and I was curious to know what happened.

Today’s Bangkok Post has the answer: PB Air doesn’t have any planes to fly.

New aircraft delivery delay downs PB Air
Fight operation put on hold from this month

A delay in the delivery of new aircraft has forced PB Air, an airline founded by Boon Rawd Brewery beer baron Piya Bhirom-Bhakdi, to halt its entire flight operation.

Delivery of the two Saab 340s, leased from the US-based aircraft lessor AeroCentury, was postponed because PB Air found the condition of the Swedish-made turboprops unacceptable.

The first Saab 340 was supposed to be delivered in September and the second in October, but the delivery was put off until “probably” the end of next month, said PB Air chief executive Pornsartid Naruenartwanich.

The airline was forced to suspend all flights, starting this month, as it has no aircraft at its disposal because of the delivery delay and Bangkok Airways repossessing two ATR 72-500 turboprops at the end of October it leased to PB Air.

(Emphasis mine.) has more info.

Obama and Abhisit at APEC has this brief video (embedded below) of President Obama speaking after he met with ASEAN leaders at APEC in Singapore on Sunday. Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva appears in the video, and Obama thanks him at the end.

Red shirts to rally from late Nov.?


Prolonged Thai rally in Nov

Fugitive former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s supporters announced plans on Tuesday for a prolonged street protest beginning in late November and lasting until the government steps down and calls elections.

It would be the first protracted demonstration by the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) since their protests in April turned violent and were forcibly ended by the army.

‘The government is incompetent with only a self-serving agenda. We want the government to return power to the people and we will not stop until we finish the job,’ Jatuporn Phrompan, one of the key protest leaders said, adding that the plan is still tentative and is subject to discussion with other members.

(Emphasis mine.)

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