Krispy Kreme: coming to Thailand

Some food news that will be of interest to Thailand-based gluttons lovers of calorically dense American snackfoods: Krispy Kreme doughnuts are coming to the Kingdom. AP: “Krispy Kreme expanding into Thailand” WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corp. said Thursday it has reached a deal to expand into Thailand with 20 new franchise locations over […]

Replicating a first class Pan Am 747 cabin — in a garage

Wall Street Journal: Fliers nostalgic for the golden era of air travel might want to book a trip to Anthony Toth’s garage. Mr. Toth has built a precise replica of a first-class cabin from a Pan Am World Airways 747 in the garage of his two-bedroom condo in Redondo Beach, Calif. The setup includes almost […]

A World Cup in Southeast Asia?

The Bangkok Post has this short item: The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) country members are ready to jointly bid to host the Fifa World Cup in the next 13 years, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said at the 15th Asean Summit on Sunday. And here’s more from the Jakarta Globe: Hua Hin, Thailan. Southeast […]

Pok Pok on the Travel Channel

Pok Pok, the Thai restaurant in Portland, Oregon that I’ve mentioned before, was featured on the Travel Channel program “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.” The segment is embedded below, and you can find it on YouTube here. (Via Oregonian and Thai food expert Austin Bush, who points out that the show was filmed during characteristically rainy […]

Around the web: e-books, images of Saturn, tennis in Asia, the science of shaving, and more

Here are some disparate items that have caught my eye of late: Does the Brain Like E-Books? [New York Times] Is there a difference in the way the brain takes in or absorbs information when it is presented electronically versus on paper? Does the reading experience change, from retention to comprehension, depending on the medium? […]

My CNNGo audio slide show about David Thomspon

You may recall my recent post about attending David Thompson’s Thai cooking demonstration here in Bangkok. I was there for CNNGo, a recently launched travel and lifestyle site that focuses on six Asian cities. ((In addition to the Thai capital, the site covers Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo.)) I put together an audio […]

Matt Gross on The Splendid Table

Foodies with wanderlust, take note: Matt Gross, the Frugal Traveler for the New York Times, is featured on the Oct. 10 episode of the Splendid Table, a podcast about cooking and eating. ((Related posts: My favorite podcasts (June, 2007) and My favorite podcasts: updated (Nov., 2008).)) You can find the episode here, where you can […]

Thailand’s political crisis — from a quantum physics perspective

This event listing in yesterday’s Bangkok Post is, well, remarkable: Here’s an open invitation to a new talk show-turned-seminar series called “Head + Heart Walking Together!” The first event, on the topic of “Crisis of Thailand and Beyond from a Quantum Physics Perspective”, will be held from 1 to 5.30pm, on Sunday, October 18 in […]

How successful was the Thailand AIDS vaccine trial?

New doubts have been raised about a seemingly promising AIDS vaccine trial that was conducted here in Thailand by Thai and U.S. Army researchers. The results were announced — and widely reported — in late Sept. From the New York Times: When AIDS researchers released results last month from a six-year trial in Thailand of […]

How to make netbooks run faster

Netbook nerds only: My friend H recently asked a few pals for some tips on netbooks, the increasingly popular ((Asus is the netbook pioneer, but Dell and several other companies also produce these gadgets. And Nokia recently announced that they’re getting into the subnotebook game, as well.)) subnotebook computers that are cheap, lightweight, and great […]