Souse-Vide take on Korean french fry encrusted hot dog

The image that launched a culinary meme My Korean french fry encrusted hot dog post from Seoul (Feb. 2006) + Phil Lees’s further South Korean research (Sept. 2007), an actual recipe (April 2008), and a bacon version (April 2008) = Austin and Hock’s Sous-vide potato confit with panko crust and hot dog foam. Austin explains: […]

Swine flu, Thailand, and nomenclature

There has so far been no outbreak of swine flu here in Thailand. Local media yesterday reported one “suspected” infection in a Thai national who had traveled to Mexico earlier this month. But it now appears that the woman has ordinary flu. This Nation story about the case contains an interesting snippet: The swine influenza, […]

My World Hum Q&A on Thailand protests and traveling here

If you’re wondering about traveling in Thailand following the recent political unrest here, you might be interested in this Q&A I did with World’s Hum’s Julia Ross yesterday. Julia asked me about the current atmosphere in Bangkok, what impact the turmoil is likely to have on Thailand’s tourism industry, and what advice I have for […]

Thailand protests end: five observations

Anti-government red shirt protesters here in Bangkok dispersed yesterday, bringing an end to the unrest that has engulfed the Thai capital over the past few days. Army troops secured major intersections throughout the city, and demonstrators who had gathered at the Prime Minister’s office have now left. Throughout Bangkok, people are celebrating Songkran — the […]

Thailand protests: Video and images from yesterday’s demonstration

Here’s a short video and some images I snapped at Bangkok’s Government House yesterday, where tens of thousands of anti-government protesters gathered to demand the resignation of Thailand’s prime minister. (More details on my observations from yesterday are here.) I took this 32-second video clip (embedded below) near the main stage: And below are the […]

Thailand protests: three observations

Tens of thousands of red-shirt (anti-government) protesters descended on Government House here in Bangkok today to demand that Prime Minister Abhisit step down. I spent a few hours there speaking with demonstrators and taking in the scene. Some observations, a few of which I mentioned in various tweets earlier today: The crowd was so large […]