1980s Thai pop music on Youtube

Via the blog Thai 101 comes a couple of great Thai pop music videos from the 1980’s.

First is this video (embedded below), “Door of the Heart,” a 1982 tune by a band called Sao Sao Sao. (Warning: official page contains auto-loading midi music.). ((For some reason, this song reminds me of the all-female Japanese punk rock band Shonen Knife‘s tune called “Banana Chips“. Except, well, “Door of the Heart” is much softer, slower…and in Thai.))

And then there’s this video (embedded below), for the well-known Thai band Carabao‘s 1984 song “Made in Thailand“:

If you spend a few weeks — or even a few days — in Thailand, you’re likely to hear this song on the radio or performed live. ((You can find the lyrics here; the words contain an interesting take on international trade policy.))

Visit the link to Thai 101 above to find more Thai music videos from the 1980s.