ASEAN summit kicks off in Thailand

BBC: “Asean opens with economic agenda” The 10-member Association of South East Asian nations (Asean) has started a summit meeting in Thailand. They will discuss how to address the impact of declining global demand on their export-dependent economies. This is the first summit since Asean implemented a charter making it a legal entity more like […]

Wearing red and yellow in Thailand

Time: “How Not to Make a Political Fashion Statement in Bangkok” Last year, a swarm of yellow-clad demonstrators massed in Bangkok, taking over the international airport and virtually paralyzing the Thai capital for a week. Today, the color of protest is red. As bigwigs from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) began gathering at […]

Thai translations of Oscar-winning movie titles

Thai 101 has an amusing collection of (mostly) literal Thai translations of 2008 Oscar-winning films: Thai titles for western films are sometimes corny, sometimes spoilery, and always entertaining. Especially when you translate them back into English. They have a style of their own. Most typically, a subtitle is added to give local viewers a better […]

(New) anti-government protests in Bangkok

Here are some recent stories about the newest wave of anti-government protests ((The term “anti-government,” of course, doesn’t mean what it did a few months ago. Before PM Abhisit assumed office, that phrase was applied to the PAD protesters. Now it’s used to describe the so called “red shirts” — the UDD and other Thaksin […]

Rohingya on CNN’s “World’s Untold Stories”

CNN will air an episode beginning tonight (Tues., Feb. 24) of “World’s Untold Stories” dedicated to the Rohingya abuse issue. From Myanmar’s Rohingya Minority They are an impoverished and persecuted minority living in a remote part of one of the world’s most repressive nations. And they are risking their lives to leave. Next week’s […]

Thai economy slips

BBC: “Sharp decline in Thailand economy” Thailand’s economy shrank at a record pace in the last three months of 2008 amid plummeting exports and tourism. The economy shrank 6.1% in the October to December period from the previous quarter, the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) said. This was the largest contraction since records […]

Siam Sunray: Thailand’s new “national cocktail”

Guardian: “Thailand launches national cocktail to lure tourists” When tourism has taken a self-inflicted battering, the temptation might be to have a drink to drown your sorrows. Thailand is going a step further: it has invented a new national cocktail, which it hopes will help visitors forget the hangover from the disastrous airport shutdowns late […]

Australian author who insulted Thai royal family pardoned

CNN: “Author jailed for insulting Thai king freed” An Australian author imprisoned last month for insulting the king and crown prince of Thailand was on his way home Saturday after receiving a pardon from the king. Harry Nicolaides, 41, was arrested last August over his 2005 book titled “Verisimilitude.” The book includes a paragraph about […]

Audio Slide Show: Kolkata (Calcutta), India

A and I are back in Bangkok now after four exceptional days in Kolkata (Calcutta) India. Here’s a 2 minute, 20 second audio slide show I’ve put together with some images and sounds I captured in the city. ((My previous audio slide shows about anti-government protests here in Bangkok can be found here and here.)) […]