Time-lapse video of flying at night

I like this time-lapse video (embedded below) of a flight across the US. ((Transportation-related gem from several years ago: a video of a man driving from LA to New York. For more time-lapse videos, see this collection over at World Hum. My favorite is this time-lapse video of the northern lights)) The clip begins in […]

Wise Kwai’s best Thai films of 2008

Vidoeblogger Thomas Crampton has posted a couple of interviews with Curtis Winston, author of one of my favorite blogs about Thailand, Wise Kwai’s Thai Film Journal. In the first video, embedded below, Curtis tells us all about the Thai film industry. And in the second video, Curtis gives us his list of the top 10 […]

The curious case of Masal Bugduv

Some snips from a very funny story in Slate by Brian Phillips: “Fictional Moldovan Soccer Phenom Tells All: Inside the ingenious hoax that fooled the British sports press.” On a typical weekday, the English soccer press devotes itself to unsubstantiated rumors, manufactured scandals, and bikini pictures of players’ girlfriends (who seem to roam the earth […]

John Updike, dead at 76

John Updike died yesterday at the age of 76. Here’s Michiko Kakutani in the New York Times: Endowed with an art student’s pictorial imagination, a journalist’s sociological eye and a poet’s gift for metaphor, John Updike — who died on Tuesday at 76 — was arguably this country’s one true all-around man of letters. He […]

Thai media coverage of the Rohingya refugee issue

It’s interesting to note that the Rohingya boat people story is receiving scant coverage in the Thai media. This despite many stories in the international press that have drawn attention to the accusations over the last week. And yesterday, a CNN investigative report (which I mentioned here) showed new images that seem to confirm that […]

Burmese refugee abuse claims: new photos from CNN

CNN has obtained new photos and other information that seem to substantiate claims that the Thai military mistreated Burmese refugees. One image (see the CNN link below) shows what appears to be a Thai navy vessel dragging a boatload of the men out into open water, where their craft was cut adrift. CNN‘s Dan Rivers: […]

Bolivian voters approve a new constitution

Bolivian voters have approved a new constitution designed to empower the country’s indigenous people, who make up a majority of the Andean nation. The new constitution also allows president Evo Morales, who was elected in 2005, to run for another five year term. The new document will replace the 1967 charter. You can find more […]

Fog in Bangkok

Fog. In Bangkok. This is what the city looked like this morning when I got up. A rare meteorological event here in the Thai captial. The strange weather — first the unseasonable coolness, which has since abated, sadly — and now this. The fog was thick enough on Thursday, in fact, to cause disruptions in […]

More on Man U and AIG

Quick note: remember how I mentioned recently that Manchester United is now, in an odd twist, effectively sponsored by the US government (since the Fed has bailed out AIG)? Well, no more. The AP says that AIG won’t be renewing the deal. No surprise there. (Via the New York Times‘s soccer blog, Goal.) ((And thanks […]

Burmese boat people abuse accusations: update

Today’s CSM has an informative update (and illustrative infographic) on the accusations that the Thai navy forced Muslim Burmese boat people back to sea in rickety boats with little food or water. CSM: “Thailand accused of mistreating Muslim refugees” Other stories: AP: “Thai PM pledges to work with UN refugee agency“ Economist: “Thailand’s Burmese boat […]