Hello from NYC

A and I have been in New York City since Monday. I’d forgotten how much I love this metropolis; I lived here between 1997 and 1999. That was a long time back. The weather is delightfully crisp (think jeans and a light jacket). The bagels and street-side hot dogs and pizza slices are even tastier […]

Thailand for Inexperienced Travelers

Over at the New York Times’s Travel Q&A Blog, David G. Allan recently pointed out some resources for two inexperienced travelers coming to Thailand. I was happy to see that my Khao San Road story was among the highlighted articles. Q I am 18 and not a terribly experienced traveler. I have traveled in the […]

Myanmar Cyclone: Over 22,000 Dead and 41,000 Missing

CNN: “Myanmar cyclone survivors desperate for aid” More than 22,000 killed and 41,000 missing, Myanmar radio reports Survivor tells how wall of water left bodies in trees, bushes and streams U.N. has started getting food aid but so far it is only the first step of huge job U.S. President George Bush says Navy is […]

Thailand Bids Farewell to the Telegraph

Speaking of things slipping into extinction, Thailand has now discontinued use of its telegraph service. Bangkok Post: “Telegraph service closes after 133 years” After 133 years, the curtain came down on the telegraph service yesterday in a ceremony which saw several thousand people bid it farewell. ”The last chapter of 133 years of the Thai […]