Roger Cohen: The baton passes to Asia

Roger Cohen in the IHT: HONG KONG: It’s the end of the era of the white man. I know your head is spinning. The world can feel like one of those split-screen TVs with images of a suicide bombing in Baghdad flashing, and the latest awful market news coursing along the bottom, and an ad […]

My New Story about Riding a Soviet-Era Motorbike in Vietnam

I have an article in the April issue of Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia magazine about a recent six-day trip I took through the northeast of Vietnam on a Soviet-era motorbike. The issue isn’t online, but if you’re in the region you can find the magazine on newsstands. If you’re in Bangkok, look for it […]

Oman Beats Thailand in a World Cup Qualifier

Oman beat Thailand 1-0 in a World Cup qualifying match here in Bangkok on Wednesday night. Here’s the AFP story I wrote about the game.

iPhoto Tweaks: Getting the Most Out of Apple’s Image Editing Application

I generally like using iPhoto, Apple’s default image management and editing software. But with nearly 8,000 images in my library and limited RAM and hard drive space, opening the application and its accompanying 20 gigabytes of data was taking an eternity, and even basic tasks were becoming unwieldy. I’ve now figured out a better way […]

Quick Beach Getaway: Pranburi, Thailand

Here are some pics from a recent three-day beach trip A and I took to the Pranburi region, just south of Hua Hin on the Gulf of Thailand. Our stretch of beach Shell-eye view Bottle Vittles Beach dog A Yours truly

Question Box

Question Box is a simple means for allowing people living in rural India to access the Web: Question box is a simple telephone intercom. Its purpose is to connect people to the Internet. It requires no literacy or computer skills. Users place a free call by pushing the green button. They connect to an operator […]

Thaksin, Manchester City, and Football in Thailand

What does ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s recent return to Thailand mean for Manchester City, the English Premier League team he purchased during his exile? What does his return mean for football (soccer) in Thailand? That was the subject of an AFP story that I wrote last week. You can find it on Yahoo News […]

Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and…Thailand?

It’s been a tense week in the Andes. On Saturday, Colombian forces launched a surprise raid on a camp inside the Ecuador border and killed a senior FARC member. The result has been an ongoing diplomatic kerfuffle between Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela. AFP has a run-down of the events: “Regional tensions rise after Colombia raid […]