Rambo in Thailand: The Reviews Roll In

When I heard that Sylvester Stallone’s new “Rambo” flick takes place right here in Thailand, I knew it’d be a must-see. I haven’t laid eyes on the film yet, I’m sad to say, but some early reviews have just rolled in: Joel Stein, writing in Time, interviews Stallone and opens with this exceptional lede: Sylvester […]

Flags of the World, Graded

The world’s flags given letter grades is a tongue-in-cheek look at national symbols that are rarely viewed from an artistic standpoint: Some time ago, browsing through my friend’s atlas, I realised that there are significant differences in quality between the flags of different countries. Some are good, some are bad. Some countries have clearly taken […]

Bangkok Street Food

The New York Times recently ran a travel story by Joshua Kurlantzick about Bangkok street food. Austin’s phenomenal blog Real Thai gets a deserved mention, and I’m not just saying that because he gave me shout-out today due to our mutual love of all things waffle-related (i.e. the infamous Thai waffle-coated hot dog that I […]

$150 Per Night to Live Like a Peasant in India

BBC News: Some of India’s richest people are paying $150 a night to live like peasants at a “native village” in the southern state of Karnataka. The village, Hessargatta – just outside India’s IT capital, Bangalore – is designed to encourage the preservation of some of India’s rural traditions. It offers visitors the chance to […]

Chicago Tribune Eliminates Help-Wanted Ads on Weekdays

Editor and Publisher: In the most radical move from print to digital advertising by a major newspaper, the Chicago Tribune announced Monday it is eliminating help-wanted ads from the newspaper on weekdays. Instead, there will be a listing of basic information in the business section every Tuesday. The listing, called “Careerbuilder QuickFind,” will refer readers […]

Scrivener in the New York Times Magazine

Remember Scrivener, the excellent OS X writing application that I mentioned back in July? Virginia Heffernan, in a recent New York Times Magazine story about Mac OS X alternatives to Microsoft Word, gives Scrivener an excellent review: Our redeemer is Scrivener, the independently produced word-processing program of the aspiring novelist Keith Blount, a Londoner who […]

The WSJ’s Informed Reader Blog

The Wall Street Journal’s Informed Reader blog (tag line: “a survey of insights from media around the world”) has quickly become one of my favorite sources for international news from a variety of publications. Recent posts include: — “Malnutrition Plagues Peru Despite Economic Growth,” — “African Farm Boom Defies Continent’s Grim Image,” — “How Nerdy […]

Best Books of 2007

I was too busy this year to put together my annual Bloggers’ Favorite Books list (previous lists: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006). But here’re some other round-ups that you might enjoy: — “PW’s Best Books of the Year” — from the staff of Publishers Weekly. — The New York Times’s “10 Best Books of 2007” and […]